7 Love Lessons Learned from Erykah Badu’s 'New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)'

Black Girls Rock 2015 honoree Erykah Badu gave all the feels when she dropped her 2010 renaissance album, "New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh)." Examining love’s changing faces, the neo-soul goddess’ fifth studio album recalls the easy-listening vibe and soul-feeding grooves of her groundbreaking debut, "Baduizm." It’s a true emo trip. Eagerly awaiting a follow-up project (throw us a bone, Erykah!), ESSENCE.com celebrates the fifth anniversary of the release of "New Amerykah Part Two" by examining seven love lessons gained once the runtime commences.

John Kennedy Mar, 30, 2015

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Song:20 Feet Tall
Sample lyric: “You built a wall/A 20 foot wall, so I couldn't see/But if, I get off my knees/I might recall, I'm 20 feet tall”
Moral: All relationships have rough patches, but pity parties are non-productive. Even if your lover emotionally shuts you out, believe in your bond—and yourself—and you can both come out stronger than ever.

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Song: “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”
Sample lyric: “I can’t wait, to see what you’ll do/It’s not too much, to follow you through/Ooh, I can’t wait, to see what you’ll be/I’m gon’ be here, cause I believe”
Moral: Support bae’s come up, legal or otherwise. A bigger picture is being painted.

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Song:Out My Mind, Just In Time”
Sample lyric: “I'm tired of this...yeah/It's time for me to make some steps/Easy to blame somebody else/Hey, but not this time, but not this time, but not this time...”
Moral: If your romantic affairs all follow a similar script, with the same tragic outcome, it’s time to make like MJ and address the (wo)man in the mirror. Your personal growth is your responsibility, no one else’s. Make the change. Shamone.

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Song:Window Seat
Sample lyric: “I need you to want, me/I need you to miss, me/I need yo’ attention... Somebody say, come back/Come back, baby, come back/I want you to need me”
Moral: Ever so often you need to get away from life’s daily hustle and bustle, but it’s good to have someone to call home. 

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Song:You Loving Me (Session)
Sample lyric: “You loving me... and I'm drivin yo' Benz/You loving me... and I'm spendin yo' ends/You loving me... and I'm drinkin yo' gin/You loving me... and I'm f--kin yo' friends”
Moral: Don’t be on the wrong side of this equation. Get yours.
See also: “Turn Me Away (Get Munny)”

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Song: “Out My Mind, Just In Time”
Sample lyric: “I lie for you, I cry for you/And pop for you, and break for you/And hate for you, and I'll hate you too, if you want me to/Ah ooh wa ohh, I pray for you/Crochet for you, make it from scratch for you...”
Moral: Mary J. Blige once sang about love without a limit. But some passions extinguish no matter how hard you fan the smoldering embers.

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Song: “Fall in Love (Your Funeral)”
Sample lyric: “You better go back the way you came/Wrong way, if you stay/Prepare to have yo' s--t rearranged/The way, I say... See you don't wanna fall in love with me”
Moral: Be alert. Red flags are red for a reason.