7 Life Lessons We Learned From Grace Gealey's ESSENCE Blog

Grace Gealey's time as an ESSENCE blogger may have come to an end, but her words still resonate with us. From accepting yourself to the importance of uplifting your sisters, the Empire star offered some words of wisdom that we are happy to live our lives by.

Taylor Lewis Mar, 25, 2015

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"Invite the quiet into your space and take the time to go over the facets of your life internally as things are changing. Pay attention to what brings you tension, what makes you smile, what causes friction with your spirit, what makes you full and what you can't seem to find peace with."

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on the Art of Transition" 

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"The greatest lesson I have learned in life is that I am enough simply because I have been given life."

From"'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on Accepting Yourself As You Are"

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"Who came up with the lie that we all have to be perfect in order to be worth it? Honey, please. I don't have time to beat myself up over my fallible nature.  Instead, I use my energy to learn from my past and let it inform my future."

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on Accepting Yourself As You Are"

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"Although we are running this race together, we surely are not in the same lanes. We each have our own paths, own trajectories, own purposes to fulfill, so much so that if everyone else in the world disappeared right now and left you standing there, you would still have your own journey to complete!"

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on the Importance of 'Staying in Your Lane'"

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"The best work we can ever do in this world is work on being the greatest version of ourselves so we can continue to give the highest version of this to others."

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on the Importance of 'Staying in Your Lane'"

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"So let's be real cute right-quick and find somebody to uplift, love, encourage and give warmth to. Because life is too short, we all matter too much and I seriously don't have time to be 'tired' and 'old.'"

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on Being Her Sister's Keeper"

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"We need to take the time to be still and become aware of ourselves. The small things. The fact that we're still breathing. Our ability to move. The presence of love around and in us. Our strengths. Our opportunities. Our journeys. Let us swell with gratitude and allow it to overwhelm us. It isn't as cliché as we make it; life truly is short. Let's spend it all lavishly wallowing in gratitude."

From "'Empire' Star Grace Gealey on Celebrating Life"