7 Instant Ways to Turn Him On

7 Instant Ways to Turn Him On
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 02, 2011

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No matter how yummy his lips are, don’t be afraid to let yours venture off to parts of his body that don’t always get as much love. Try placing a big fat wet one on the nape of his neck, his elbow, or his stomach this time.

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Many men will admit that food and sex are their two greatest loves. Combine them for an experience that will leave him panting and begging for more. We suggest you make him his favorite dish while wearing nothing but an apron and heels. Assuming he actually lets you finish the meal, we promise you’ll both have the most sensual dinner ever.

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It’s time to go back to seduction 101. Remember that sometimes a look really can say it all. If you want him worse than ever before, you don’t have to say a word. Stop, stare, and let your eyes do all the talking. He’ll translate, trust us.

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Sending him a photo of what you’re wearing is too easy. Instead, describe the lingerie you’re wearing detail by detail then tell him to imagine how good you must look in it. He’ll be home before you can press “send”.

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If his sense of smell is one of his sharper senses, it’s time to put it to the test. Go find a new fragrance that compliments your body chemistry perfectly. Spray it on his favorite places on your body then watch him take notice. He’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

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While you’re standing in line at the movie theater or watching the news on the couch, lean over and whisper something frisky in his ear. Tell him your favorite part of his body, or that it realty drives you crazy when he (fill in the blank). You’ll immediately have all his attention.

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After you’ve finished a nice romantic meal together at home, excuse yourself and head to the kitchen. Grab his favorite ice cream flavor and dessert toppings and get ready to make a mess. Tell him you’ll be his sweet treat for the evening so you hope he left some room. Disclaimer: This one can get a little messy.