7 Celeb Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Celeb Couple Halloween Costume Ideas
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 17, 2011

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Who didn’t grow up wanting to be The Huxtables one day? Now’s your chance. For Claire’s classic look, go for a fabulous (and bright) 80s getup, hair, and earrings. To pass for Cliff, he’ll need to hold off on the haircut, a really bad sweater, and a stethoscope.

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Pay tribute to President Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama by dressing up as the power pair. President Obama wigs are easy to find online or at a costume store. To pull off a good Michelle, find a bob wig to match her iconic ’do and wear a bright colored dress and pretty pearls.

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There’s so many ways to dress like hip-hop “it” couple Jay and Bey. Your Beyonce costume must-haves list should include a long, curly, blonde wig, amazing heels, and a mini baby bump. (Don’t forget to use bronzer to add a pregnancy glow!) For a proper Jay-Z impression, have him go for classic Jigga-man style — a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and a Yankee fitted!

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Who can forget the love-hate-relationship between “Baby Boy” characters Yvette and Jody (played by Tyrese and Taraji P. Henson)? Recreate Jody’s look for him with a plaid shirt, white tank, and saggy jeans. All you need to bring Yvette back to life is a matching bob, purple t-shirt, and a big attitude.

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Marvin and Tammi made beautiful music together, and in doing so, earned a spot on our favorite couples list. Grab a beautiful straight wig with a bang to pull of Tammi’s signature ’do and be sure Marvin wears a smooth white suit. (Note: Door-to-door singing is optional, but recommended!)

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Head to the Halloween party dressed as Nick and Mariah and you’re sure to raise eyebrows. (In a good way!) To channel Mariah, wear a sexy body con dress, super high-heels, and bring your own wine glass. Don’t forget to release your inner diva — it’s a Mariah must! If he’s going to play Nick, he’ll need a sharp tuxedo, some wacky couture socks, and to be all-over his “Mariah.”

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Though their relationship famously ended in turmoil and divorce, there’s no denying that these two made great music together. To look like legendary diva Tina, rock a shimmery frock or flapper dress paired with a really (really!) big wig. To imitate Ike, all he’ll need is a patterned suit, a conk, and a giant guitar.