7 Beauty Habits to Leave in 2015

Let's make 2016 the year we practice better beauty.

Virginia Lowman Dec, 29, 2015

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New Year's Eve is around the corner, so you're probably narrowing down the last few details of your outfit and maybe evening planning your beauty look, but what about your preparation for 2016? Once the clock strikes midnight and you get your new year's kiss, do you have a plan in place for your how to look better in the new year? If not, we've started you off with 7 habits that you should definitely leave in 2015 to make 2016 your best—and most beautiful—year yet!

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I get it; you think your oily skin in moisturized enough, so why would you add even more by using a cream? Here's the thing: sometimes our skin produces more oil in reaction to not receiveing enough moisture. But whether your skin is oily or not, you still need to protect your skin with a moisture barrier both morning and night. This becomes increasingly important as you age because your skin naturally produces less oil with time. Additionally, if you're a makeup gal, then you'll notice that makeup yields better results on moisturized skin than it ever will on dry skin.

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You hear it all of the time, "Black don't crack," and while it may be true that our skin is more resilient than our lighter counterparts, it is not immune to skin cancer. While skin of color is less suceptible to UV radiation, we can still fall victim to melanoma (skin cancer) if we are not cautious of protecting our skin from the sun's harmful rays year round.

You should apply an SPF everyday of the year—yes, that means during the winter months, too. If you're thinking that your foundation with an SPF of 15 is enough coverage, then you're mistaken. You should be using an sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 for basic protection. Use a higher SPF for areas of your face and body that are more prone to burning.

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Gorgeous brows have been ruiling the beauty sphere for quite some time, so it's natural to want to rock a bold pair yourself. The trick is creating brows that look natural. Ditch the popular boxy brow trend that seems to have overtaken Instagram and opt for filling in your brows with swift, gentle strokes using your favorite brow powder, pencil or gel. For the most natural look, use two shades of products and focus on keeping the beginning of your brows light and feathery by using a shade that's a tad lighter than your natual hue.

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Dirty makeup brushes are not anyone's friend. Oil and products build up along the fibers of your brushes and become a haven for bacteria, which you then put on your face and contaminate your products with repeted use, which can lead to breakouts. When it comes to makeup, clear skin is always key, so washing your brushes is essential. Set aside some time each weekend to give your brushes a good soak in your favorite dish washing liquid and warm water, or your favorite brush cleaner.

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Your hands collect so many germs and bacteria throughout the day, so resting your face on your hands or picking it only spreads bacteria and makes your skin more susceptible to breakouts or worse—bacterial infections. We know it's tempting to want to rid your skin of a blemish or lean on your palms, but do your skin a favor and leave the picking and face touching habits in 2015 for clearer—or just cleaner—skin.

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Admit it: your take your cell phone everywhere—the bathroom, the nursery, the kitchen and then your put it against your face to make calls. Your beloved cell phone is a breeding ground for bacteria that are often trensferred between your hands and your face everytime your use it. While it may be unrealistic to recommend that you clean your phone afer each use, it's totally feasible to clean your phone at the end of each day, and maybe consider leaving your cellphone in your purse or your bedroom when you're using the restroom. We promise, Instagram or sending that e-mail can wait.

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We know your love your facial brush; we love ours, too, but using a mechanical exfoliant everyday is not always the best choice for your skin. Opting for a gentle chemical exfoliant like a peel or an exfoliating glycolic cream can still give your the glowing skin you want with out being too harsh no your skin. Try using a facial brush a 2-3 times a week and opting for a gentle exfoliant for the duration of the week. 


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