7 Apps To Help You Look Better Naked

These apps make fitness and wellness as simple as swiping right!

Virginia Lowman Jan, 06, 2016

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These days your phone serves as a dating service, a concierge, a camera and even a personal trainer. We've identified seven applications that will put fitness and wellness at your finger tips and guarantee that you'll look better naked.

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Improved fitness isn't the only key to looking better naked. How about getting rid of those bags under your eyes? The Sleep Cycle App moniters your sleep patterns to help you assess how much sleep you get on average, what time you fall asleep and when you get your best sleep. You can set an alarm to wake you up during a certain time frame, but it always wakes you up when you are in the lightest phase of you sleep cycle so that you wake up in a rested and relaxed state as opposed to waking up abruptly.

Free, available for Apple and Android

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To manage you weight, studies suggest that you should walk approximately 10,000 steps a day. If you don't like the appearance of fitness bands or you just don't like the price tag, then Pedometer++ makes counting to 10,000 easy by doing it for you.

Free available for Apple.

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Repeat after me, "all calories count." According to fitness expert Jorge Cruise, there are five keys to losing and maintaining weight loss, one of which is counting calories. My Fitness Pal is essentially your digital food diary that makes calorie counting easy. 

Free available for Apple, Android and Windows.

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Now you have access to supermodel Jourdann Dunn and Olympic Gold medalist Sydney Leroux, all at the swipe of a finger. Find out their training regimen and you can even train with them (virtually, of course). What's even better, is you can compete and keep track of your friend's fitness if you choose.

Free available for Droid and Apple.

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Stress shows on your face and it also leads to premature aging. And since you can't take a weekend getaway every weekend, learning to breathe and re-center is crucial. Thanks to Box Breathing you can learn to slow your breathing and channel your calm, heighten your attention and ability to focus as well as enhance your arousal. Who knew focusing on breathing and tapping into your unconscious response could be so beneficial?

$2.99 available for Apple.

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This app, co-created by DJ Hannah Bronfman, is a procrastinator's dream. Book same-day appointments at leading spas and wellness centers in your city (sometimes for slightly discounted prices). Total win!


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Spin class enthusiasts, rejoice! If you can't make it to your favorite spin class, but you happen have a stationary bike in your home gym, you can still get a grade-A workout from the best instructors in the game right in the convenience of your own home. Peloton offers 10 live rides streamed daily, and over 3,000 on-demand classes for all levels, so you'll never have a reason to skip a workout!

$5.99 for 1 week; $12.99/monthly membership, Available on Apple and Android devices.