7 Ancient Beauty Remedies You Should Try Now

Before scientists concocted today's fancy skincare creams, our ancestors relied on the fruits of the Earth to cure their beauty woes. Whatever came forth from the harvest was the natural solution to calming inflammation and acne, to softening corns and calluses. In her book, Ancient Healing Secrets, Dr. Dian Dincin Buchman provides an insight into the beauty secrets of the past and how the items on your grocery list can benefit your skin. If you're attempting a more green approach to your beauty life, you may want to add these seven food items list for your next trip to the farmer's market.

Virginia Lowman Sep, 30, 2015

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Fortunately for us, honey's use extends well beyond sweetening our morning tea. In fact, honey was the Egyptian's cure-all solvent. If you suffer from acne, combining a tablespoon of wheat germ oil with honey and applying to your face for 15 minutes can help sooth and relieve acne. Rinse with warm water and repeat nightly.

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Having a tough time with sunspots? Try this age-old Italian spot treatment and watch them fade.

  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Tbsp Heavy Cream
  • 1 Tsp Epsom Salts

Blend ingredients together and apply to sun spots. Rinse after 10 minutes and follow with your favorite moisturizer. 

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This age-old remedy is rooted in Ireland. Have a few potatoes left over from tonight's dinner prep? Use them to treat that stove top burn you haphazardly acquired. Turns out starch has healing powers! Place raw minced or sliced potatoe on a fresh burn to reduce redness and prevent blistering.

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Your hands and feet go through a lot. Show them a little love and soften corns and calluses with a little lemon a few times a week before bed. Take some "me time" and soak your feet during your favorite show, dry them off and using gauze, secure a pulpy piece of lemon (pulp-side down) to your corn or callus and keep on over night. Rinse and exfoliate in the morning.

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Leave it to the West Indies to find a healing treatment using your favorite fruit. Rich in bromeline, fresh pineapple pulp can reduce inflammation both internally and externally. The best part? To reap the benefits all you have to do is eat it or apply it topically. Feeling bloated? Have some pinapple. Got a pimple? Enjoy a pinepple facial. Stick with fresh pineapple, though, as canned pineapple won't yield the same results.

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Remember when you were younger, "an apple a day kept the doctor away"? Well, as you get older you need to add more fruits and vegetables into your "keep away" fold. To help maintain youthful, plump skin, eat a piece of avodaco every day and incorporate it into your beauty regimen twice a day as an avocado facial.

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The ancient practice of Ayuvedic medicine uses rosemary to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. Boil rosemary leaves, strain and rinse your hair with the solution. Incorporate this into your weekly wash regimen to yield the best results.


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