6 Types Of Single Men You Might Meet At ESSENCE Fest

Looking to meet someone new at ESSENCE Fest? Here’s a cheat sheet to help you spot your type over the weekend.

Charli Penn Jul, 02, 2015

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Who He Is: He is visiting New Orleans for the holiday weekend because he's the well-traveled type who can't stay put for long, knows where and when to go and always lives in the moment. Where To Find Him: At the hotel lobby bar or restaurant glancing at his Apple watch or "taking it all in" along the sidelines of Bourbon St. after hours.

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Who He Is: He calls New Orleans home, so will likely avoid the super-touristy spots or blend in with the crowd. Where To Find Him: He could be serving you a drink with a smile at a local bar or swapping smiles with you from across the room at a local hotspot, tucked away from the noise of the big crowds on Bourbon St.

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Who He Is: This guy is ready to turn up and let loose for the weekend. He's on vacation with the fellas and in search of a good time and great memories. We're not saying he's a player, but just remember, he's in town for the nightlife, not the romance. Where To Find Him: This guy will practically live on Bourbon St. while he's here. He'll be the loudest one in line or the guy offering to buy you a drink or take you for a spin on the dance floor. During the day, catch him relaxing at an ESSENCE Day Party.

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Who He Is: This guy is in town just for ESSENCE Fest because he’s all about three things: food, fellowship and local fun for the weekend. Where To Find Him: Inside one of Bourbon St.’s famous live jazz bars, on a trolley tour of historic NOLA or sampling charbroiled oysters at Drago’s Seafood Restaurant.

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Who He Is: The biggest music fan ever. The artist lineup brought him to town and he’s gearing up to rock out all weekend long. If your love for music is what brings you to ESSENCE Festival, you could find an instant love connection with this kindred soul. Where To Find Him: He’ll be dancing front and center inside the Super Lounges at the Superdome or right behind you during the main stage performances. One things for sure, he’ll be easy to spot because he we’ll be the one who can’t seem to stay still in his seat.

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Who He Is: This guy has heard that beautiful, confident Black women from all over the country flock to ESSENCE Festival each year and he’s here to meet one. He’s not looking for a one-night stand, he’s looking for his future wife. You’ll know him when you meet him, because his approach won’t involve any typical pick-up lines. Where To Find Him: He could be behind you in line for a cab, clapping alongside you at the Sunday gospel celebration or sitting at the next table at dinner. But make no mistake, he will find you! (Wink)