6 Times Celebs Showed Up and Showed Out for Their Fans

J. Cole kept his promise to attend a fan's high school graduation this week. He's not the only celebrity that steps up for their fans. Here are 6 times celebs exceeded their fans' expectations.

Dominique Hobdy Jun, 26, 2015

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J. Cole gave his fan the best graduation gift ever when he fulfilled his promise to be there on her big day. Back in 2013, the then high school sophomore wrote him a letter. J. Cole responded to her letter saying, “You are strong, so I admire YOU. I will be at your graduation… only IF you get into a 4 year university. go!” Two years later the rapper, who happens to be on tour, made a stop at her graduation. He also plans to help pay for her books and tuition when she heads off to school in the fall. [Vibe]

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In 2014, John Wall found a friend in Miyah Telemaque-Nelson, a cancer patient he met who had dreams of meeting Nicki Minaj. Not only did make her dream come true but he developed a close relationship with the little girl. When Miyah succumbed to her illness, Wall displayed a memorable show of emotion, breaking down in tears during a post-game interview. He took to Instagram page to honor her memory, urging the public to donate to cancer causes.

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Nicki Minaj stepped up for super fan Miyah Telemaque-Nelson in 2014 when she found out that it was the 6-year-old's ultimate wish to meet her and wear one of her pink wigs. Basketball player John Wall made the connection and Nicki took it from there. Not only did she make the time to meet with Miyah but she made sure to bring a mini pink wig. She posted a sweet tribute to her Instagram account when Miyah lost her battle with cancer and passed away. [MTV]

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Dwyane Wade made a fan's senior year when he showed up to her prom. Nicole Muxo, a senior at Archbishop F. Coleman Carroll High School in Miami, asked Wade to be her prom date via a Youtube video. Although she didn't hear back at first she sent him a twitter direct message of the location just in case. Wade decided to surprise the teen at prom, danced the night away and even met her family. After the special prom night Wade delivered this message via Twitter, "never be too scared to ask. " [NYDailyNews]

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One lucky Pharrell fan got a huge surprise in 2014 when he showed up for a unexpected meeting as a part of an initiative with Master Card. Queen, a teacher in the UK, was dancing with children to Pharrell's hit "Happy" when Pharrell walked in. She continued to dance before she thanked Pharrell for the experience. “This song was meant for people like yourself. To keep you, keep me, keep them, keep us all going," Pharrell said. "And you’re absolutely carrying the torch for the impetus of the record. And this is priceless, what you do, the way you inspire these children. So thank you very much."