6 Beauty Secrets Celebrities Swear By

The "Hollywood Pill" doctor, Paula Simpson, gives us the scoop on how the secret to looking red carpet ready year-round.

Virginia Lowman Mar, 07, 2016

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It's no secret that your diet plays a huge role when it comes to your skin. Simpson recommends following a Mediterranean diet, stating,"It's more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle most of the time.The Mediterranean diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, monounsaturated fats (MUFA,) and a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS.) The unique properties of this diet are also of particular interest for healthy skin." 

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For red carpet appearances, Simpson often reccomends that her celebrity clients starts any cleanse programs one month in advance stating, "Many chronic skin conditions are correlated with digestive health (i.e. leaky gut syndrome, food allergens, harmful bacteria overgrowth within the gut,) that can depress skin immunity and offset normal skin function and structure. By removing high allergen, processed and hard to digest type foods, you allow the body to rest and rebalance gut health. It typically takes 3 weeks to fully withdraw from allergens or byproducts that may be aggravating your skin."

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Environmental factors like air, water and even the foods we eat, take a toll on our skin, daily. "In most cases our bodies can effectively neutralize and excrete these harmful substances. A growing body of research suggests that many of the chemicals we ingest daily through food, water, and air can build up in our system. A diet that lacks certain nutrients may also impair our natural ability to neutralize and remove chemicals, which further leads to their build-up in the body. Over time they can overload our eliminative organs shunting toxins to be stored in skin or fat tissue," Simpson notes.

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Simpson recommends that her celebrity clients remove high allergen-type foods like dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars, which may contain allergens and byproducts that aggravate the skin. Instead, opt to live by the 30/70 plan: sourcing 30% of each meal from clean protein and 70% from vegetables and legumes.

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If you have a big event coming up, Simpson recommends that you try juicing one week before. "Targeted juices and elixirs will boost beauty benefits to help reduce belly bloating and puffy eyes while providing antioxidants, minerals and vitmains to revitalize and bring out skin's radiance and glow," she notes.

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Simpson reccomends ZSS Clear Skin System, which includes zeaxanthin, probiotics and complementary skin nutrients. 

If you aren't sure what either of those are, Simpson breaks them down like this:


-Gives skin a radiant glow, and also works as an effective free radical scavenger. To maximize your zeaxantin intake, make sure that your diet includes kale, collard greens, spinach, turnip and corn. Simpson states, "purified and concentrated amounts from the paprika pepper have been shown more effective to help protect from the skin from premature photo-aging and bring out a natural radiance and glow."


-Great for slimming, cleansing, balancing and clearing skin. "Probiotics naturally detoxify the digestive system and stabilize the intestinal barrier function to destroy harmful toxins before they can be absorbed into the body. Known as the gut-brain-skin axis, probiotics have been cited in studies for the treatment/management of chronic skin conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne/blemish prone skin and weight management effects too," states Simpson.

Skin Nutrients: Blue Green Algae/Spirulina

-Skin nutrient work wonders on balancing your body's pH, detoxifying, slimming and firming the skin. "Neautraceuticals" as they are often called, are a beauty gold mine right that can be found right in the middle of your supermarket. Simson recommends them because they offer "higher quality and pure forms [of vitamins minerals, protein, antioxidants and detoxting elements] over whole food sources."


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