6 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite 'ANTM' Girls

After 22 cycles, America's Next Top Model is coming to a close. Here are our favorite models and a few tips we learned from them over the years.

Virginia Lowman Oct, 15, 2015

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Androgynous model turned Empire star, Ashley "Azmarie" Livingston has always believed in being true to herself. Whether embracing her femininity or walking the line of masculinity, she's remained true to her roots both on America's Next Top Model by refusing to participate in the Booty Tooch competition as well as on Empire in her role as Chicken.

In an interview with the Chicago Pride, Azmarie had this to say about her look:

"If I have any label put on me then I would like it to be the epitome of androgyny. I have "androgynous" tattooed as one of my tattoose because I am. It is something that people don't realize that everyboyd has part of it in them. Many people are fearful of accepting it. It has nothing to do with sexuality whatsoever whenyouare just talking about mere appearance. It it something that I take in."

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Toccara Jones emerged as a contender on America's Next Top Model early in cycle 3. She as the first plus sized model to make waves on the show voicing her stance on the imporatnce of self love, stating:

"When people think 'plus-size' they assuem it means overweight, fat or unattractive, but I've met somany different models of different sizes—beautiful women. As for me, I am P-L-U-S. I'm big, Black, beautiful and I love it." 

and from the season,

"You can shave my head bald and I'll still walk around here like I'm a goddess."

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Cycle 21 contestant, Chantel Brown Young, suffers from a skin condition known as vitiligo and says she loved her self into success. She's told her story and inspired millions to be fearless pursuit of their dreams.

"I loved myself. And with that, opportunities started to fall into my lap and I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself."

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Yaya DaCosta has graced the cover of countless beauty ads and she's no stranger to the Hollywood scene. What we love about the Harlem native and cycle 3 contestant aside from her enviable curls, is her spirit; she believes smiling is the best cosmetic.

"Happines is a bomb cosmetic! When I'm smiling, sometimes I'm giving thanks for all the things I have rather than worrying about the things I don't."

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Cycle 7 contestant and California native, Eugenia Washington is a strong advocate for embracing your light. She's modeled for Custo Barcelona, Brooklyn Industries and knows that success doesn't come with being meek.

"You have to have an edge to get on a show like this. There are so many girls trying out...you have to have something that makes you stand out, something that says, 'I might cause conflict or be unique."

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ANTM cycle 3 winner, Eva Marcille now stars alongside Tank in the comdey series Born Again Virgin. She's skincare obsessed and says a lot with her hair, stating:

"I exude a lot of confidence through my hair. My hair reflects what Im' going through and how I feel."


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