5 Women Who Inspire Us On Social Media

You see them on the your television, hear them on your radio and read about them in your favorite magazines. They hand out beauty and fashion tips, make you laugh and soothe your soul. Here is look at our Top 5 Celebrity Women who are navigating, inspiring and changing the face of social media one Tweet, Instagram post and Facebook update at a time!

ESSENCE.COM Nov, 02, 2013

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Profession: Celebrity stylist, designer, author and mother

Weapon of Choice: iPhone, iPad and laptop

Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram

Social Media & Your Brand: “It’s an extension of my voice. It has allowed me to share ideas and create story lines so that my audience sees me in a different light. The audience looks and trusts me to be an authority on lifestyle (food, fashion, beauty, being a mom) and it is a great way to generate income! For instance, I love being able to create these 15 minute commercials and hashtags that seduces, as opposed to selling, myself as more than just a celebrity stylist.

Klout: Over 250,000 Instagram followers; over 560,000 Twitter followers

Follow her at: @juneambrose (Twitter & Instagram)

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Profession: Comedian, actress and mom

Weapon of Choice: iPad and Samsung Galaxy

Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter

Social Media & Your Brand: “Social media is by far the best way to connect with people on a more personal level. It allows me to directly respond to what they see as funny or interesting. I love having the ability to get immediate and direct feedback on the work that I am doing. Whether it’s hosting a show, attending an event or just having a crazy mommy day, fans can interact with me on a personal level but sometimes too personal. I don’t need to know all the things you wanna do to me or see your entire stomach but that’s why there is a block button and it works!”

Klout: over 168,000 Twitter followers

Who she follows on Social Media: “I follow a mix of celebrities and non-celebrities. I have a lot of friends I follow like Arsenio Hall (@ArsenioHall), Jill Scott (@MissJillScott), Katie Couric (@KatieShow), and Steve Harvey (@iamsteveharvey) but I also follow people that are following their dreams like C. Mikki (@c_mikki), Kathy D. Woods (@kathydwoods) and new comedians like Mizz Fabulous (@JackieFabulous).”

Follow her at: @kymwhitley (Twitter & Instagram)

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Profession: Beauty expert, editor and style ambassador

Weapon of Choice: iPhone and assistants

Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter and Instagram

Social Media & Your Brand: “My brand and what I do is all about connecting with audiences and engaging them. Social media allows me to do just that--connect with the women and men that I engage on TV, during events, and via other mediums. I'm able to do so in real time and also visibly so that others, who may not have been part of my network or circles, can see and then decide to become engaged also. I’m really big on creating conversations with people, so for me, being active on social media isn’t just about me sharing my life and experiences but learning from others about their experiences and truly, this helps me keep my clients informed as well. The key to good social media is “authenticity.”

Klout: Close to 10,000 Twitter followers

Follow her at: @taibeau (Instagram & Twitter)

4 of 5 Cindy Ord/ Getty

Profession: Dinner host, TV personality and Queen of Harlem

Weapon of Choice: MacBook Pro

Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter

Social Media & Your Brand: “When I first embarked upon building a new life, I knew I needed a voice and that voice needed to be heard. The traditional way to have a voice and be heard was to secure articles in magazines or appear on tv, I did those things BUT I quickly realized that Social Media was an amplifier. I started with Facebook and quickly garnered new “fans” but my Social Media Maven status was solidified on Twitter.

Tips for creating a Brand: “The best tip for creating a brand via social media is to KNOW exactly how you want to be perceived, who you are trying to attract and don’t deviate from that path! I’m interested in a lot of different things and I take pride that my timeline is a bit all over the place, but that’s very pre-meditated...I don’t want folks to put me in a box... I’m not just a TV personality, a fashion professional or a brown girl from Harlem, I’m ALL those things and my TL reflects that!”

Klout: Over 65,000 Twitter followers

Who she follows on Social Media: “I follow very few people compared to my output and the amount of folks who follow me. I tend to follow really smart people with broad viewpoints like QuestLove, Mia Farrow, Mr. Mickey, Roland Martin and I follow my friends who tend to be smart people with broad viewpoints, lol.”

Follow her at: @bevysmith (Twitter & Instagram)

5 of 5 Michael Rowe

Profession: Grammy Award nominated singer, music ambassador and philanthropist

Weapon of Choice: Cell phone and tablet

Favorite Social Media Platform(s): Twitter & Instagram

Social Media & Your Brand: “It has allowed me to reach thousands of people with a single post.”

Klout: Over 150,000 Twitter followers

Tips for creating a Brand: “Keep it consistent and real.”

Who she follows on Social Media: “Many different fans who have a lot to say and are inspirational.”

Follow her at: @realtamiaworld (Twitter & Instagram)


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