5 Ways to Put Yourself First

This Labor Day, it's time to implement some 'do you' holiday plans.

Sharon Boone Aug, 21, 2014

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Head to the beach, picnic in the park or spend some time alone in your won backyard (with a cocktail). 

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Switch up the lunch-at-your-desk routine and enjoy your meal alfresco. Recharge in the sun so you can beat the afternoon slump. 

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Don't let the usual questions (When are you getting married? When are you going to have a baby?) ruin your next family gathering. Let well-meaning but nosy relatives know you love the life you're living.

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Back to school isn't just for kids. Look for local classes to learn how to salsa dance, cook Thai cuisine or build your brand on social media—and this time, actually sign up. 

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Break up the workday to regain a sense of calm with getsomeheadspace.com, a Web site that offers free ten-minute meditation exercises. Download the app onto your phone so you can achieve a measure of peace on the go.


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