5 Ways To Preserve Your Second-Day Twist Out

Maintaining curls past 48 hours is a challenge; try adding another 24 hours and it’s almost impossible. Until now! Commit these game-changing techniques to memory before your after next wash day.

Deena Campbell Apr, 05, 2016

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Did you know the way apply leave in conditioner and oils after washing your hair grossly affects your end results? For best results, turn your head upside down and apply product in a downward motion ensuring the product is evenly distributed.

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Before hitting the bed, place your hair in bantu knots. No need to go overboard, eight to 10 knots should suffice. In the morning unravel, shake and go!

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Silk pillowcases are the gateway to better beauty sleep. And, it minimizes big, frizzy hair and moisture.

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Sometimes your hair requires water to reset the look. Texturizing spray or water blasts a mist onto the root of the hair adding volume that elongates your curls.

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If it’s day three and you still don’t have the look you want, try re-twisting or re-curling. And, when all else fails, go with the flow and add a bow or scarf.