5 Ways To Care For Your Edges in The Winter

Winter is here and so is the cold weather. Making it the perfect time to protect your hair and focus on its overall health. During this time our edges are usually more fragile and much shorter than the rest of our hair. We must ensure that we are protecting them on a daily basis especially in winter. Here are a few tips that have helped me with my edges over the years.

MahoganyCurls Jan, 28, 2015

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We all want our hairstyles to be nice and neat. However, brushing or combing your edges too much can lead to the thinning of your hair around the edges and your nape. Try using your hands instead to style. It does take more time and it may not look as polished but is a great alternative to protecting your precious edges.

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Applying your favorite styling cream or oil to your edges daily or once a week is a great way to protect your edges. Doing this will moisturize and strengthen the delicate strands around your hairline while preventing breakage.

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If you’re a fan of headbands and certain hair accessories, it is best to examine the material that is used for the product. Some headbands may have plastic, elastic, and metal parts that can wreak havoc on your delicate edges. Look for headbands and hair accessories that are gentle on your hair.

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Nighttime care is just as important as your daily hair care routine. I love sleeping in a pineapple (a high ponytail). However I am also aware that I am putting tension on my edges by doing this every night even if the pineapple is loose. Sometimes I will sleep with my hair out on my satin pillowcase to allow my hair to be free. If you like to sleep in a satin bonnet, make sure that bonnet is not too tight around your edges, this can lead to tension as well.

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Protective styling is great, but certain styles like buns, cornrow braids, extensions, ponytails, and weaves can often put too much tension on your edges. If this is a style you like to do on a regular basis, it is okay as long as you give your hair a break from the hairstyle every few days (or months if you wear sew ins) to prevent a specific area of your hair from having excess tension.


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