5 Unisex Fragrances Missing From Your Collection

Looking for a new fragrance, but can't decide on which notes you like? Opt for a unisex fragrance for the perfect blend of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.

Virginia Lowman Nov, 02, 2015

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Italian house, CoSTUME NATIONAL created the ultimate evening fragrance with Scent Intense, juxtaposing rustic woody notes against the sensulity of amber in a fragrant marriage that is supremely sexy. A splash behind each ear will carry you from your morning coffee through your late night espresso.

$140, available at birchbox.com

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If Carmen Sandiego were a fragrance, she would smell like this. Daring and adventurous, but also warm and mysterious. It's the fragance for the woman who's story is followed by a question mark. A fragrant mix of smokey ebony wood juxtaposed against the subtle sweetness of ginger lilly and the calming freshness of coconut milk. 

$145, available at birchbox.com

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Cultivated by maestro of cool, Pharrell Wiliams, GIRL is a unisex frangrance that arist and producer designed with French fashion house, Comme des Garcons believeing that "there shouldn't be any boundaries." So what does a limitless fragrance smell like? Slightly floral, with woody and powdery notes. You'll catch a whiff of neroli and patchouli with hints of vetiver and sandalwood. The perfect fragrance for the girl who rocks heels at work and Converse after hours.

$42, avilable at jet.com

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Ther first unisex fragance from classic American deisgner, Calvin Klein, launched in 1994 and has become an evergreen scent in the realm of fragrance. The sublte sweetness of jasmine and papaya married with the mild spicyness of bergamot and nutmeg, make this fragrance a staple to be worn year-round.

$58, available at kohls.com

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Certinaly not a scent for the faint at heart. Tom Ford's Oud Wood is confident scent for the optimist, the gallant woman--or man--who may have a slightly inflated ego. Its a power fragrance for the woman who gets things done. With notes like rose wood and tonka bean, cardamom and oud wood, it's a sacred scent that treads that line of sensuality and nostalgia. A dash behind the ears and on your wrists will have you ready to conquer the world

$220, available at nordstrom.com


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