5 Tips for Making Your Child's Wash Day Easier

Make wash day fun (and easy) again with these quick tips from Kandoo Kids.

Deena Campbell Mar, 08, 2016

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If your child doesn’t like getting their face wet, help them wash and rinse their hair so as to avoid getting their face too wet. Using a tear free conditioning shampoo so you only have to wet and rinse hair one time (vs. two with traditional shampoos and conditioners) is a comforting and time-saving option.

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How frequently your child washes their hair is up to you. If their hair is oily, if they’ve been swimming, playing sports, or even rolling down a grassy hill, a good hair washing may be in order.

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Teach your child that the most important thing they can do for their hair is to keep it clean and treat it gently regardless of their hair type. Practice good cleaning habit early.

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For longer hair that has a tendency to tangle, use a gentle detangler after washing. Comb through hair beginning at the ends (in a downward motion) and gradually work up the hair shaft.

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Fingernails have dirt in them that can irritate their scalp, be sure to use your fingertips vs. fingernails when washing their hair for a gentle yet effective clean.


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