5 Reasons We Love Nick and Mariah On Twitter

5 Reasons We Love Nick and Mariah On Twitter
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 01, 2011

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Mariah shows off her push present from Nick, who tweeted this caption to accompany the picture; “3 years and 3 months of bliss! Roc and Roe also turned 3 months today.” Aww!

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Nick is always posting a picture of his “sock swag,” but in this one Mariah gets in on the action. “Playing footsie with my wife @MariahCarey,” he tweets.

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What’s going on here? We’ll let Mariah tell you. “Me being silly (shocker) ‘kissing’ my hubby @nickcannon’s poster for AGT while standing on a concrete wall! LOL!”

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Known as #dembabies on twitter, we got to see a peak at Monroe, thanks to Mariah sharing this photo. The caption: “This is baby Monroe saying ‘no pictures dahhhhling’ at 7+1/2 weeks…oh dear :)”

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Don’t think for a second that Nick’s the only silly one. “Sneaking up on NC w/ one of my fave Lambys! C’MONNN!,” tweeted Mariah as she posted this pic.