5 Questions We Have About 3-D Printers Creating Artificial Hair

What if you could print hair from the privacy of your home in 20 minutes? Would you be excited, or freaked out? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University created hair fibers from a 3-D printer and these plastic hairs could be the next biggest thing in the hair industry. But, we have questions and we’re sure you do too. Take a look and let us know your burning questions.

Deena Campbell Nov, 03, 2015

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Next time Marley hair at the neighborhood beauty supply story sells out, we’d like to know if we can use 3-D hair instead.

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Since this 3-D hair is a collection of plastic strands, does it mean we don’t need to use a silk or satin pillowcase? Could we finally use the pretty pillowcases we never use anymore?

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How awesome would it be to never have to tame your baby hairs again? If this printer could instant print sleek baby hairs we could finally say ‘goodbye’ to flaky gels.

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And, more importantly, will wash days be cut in half?

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There are so many different types of hair—kinky, loose curls, waves, etc. Will 3-D hair be classified by hair types? 

Do you have questions about the new 3-D printers that create hair? Please let us know below!


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