5 Beauty Secrets From the Motherland

Some of the most beautiful women in the world reside in Africa—learn their beauty secrets now.

Virginia Lowman Jan, 13, 2016

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According to the New York Times, Shea Butter is one of West Africa's biggest exports accounting for $90 million to $200 million per year. Shea butter is great for nourishing dry skin on lips, hand and feet and serving as a protective barrier for skin during those cold winter months. You can even use it to seal your hair and lock in moisture!

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Egypt's resident botanical chemist—and Queen—Cleopatra used to add strands of saffron to her luxurious milk baths to rejuvenate skin, help balance hormones and prevent breakouts. 

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Lucky for  you, we've include this beauty gem in our January ESSENCE Beauty box. The star ingredient, African Black Soap, is a cult-beauty favorite the world over that gently exfoliates and gives you baby soft skin without the harsh additives. 

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Another favorite of Queen Cleopatra, coconut oil was the queen's moisturizer and cleanser of choice to keep her strands shiny and healthy. 

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Deep within the mountainous northeastern region of Morocco is beauty's best kept secret, lava clay. Use it or everything from removing blackheads to clarifying skin and cleansing your scalp. Your face mack, scalp treatment and shampoo just joined forces! 

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