The 411 On How Brows Shape Your Face

The four brow shapes you need to know to frame your face.

Virginia Lowman Oct, 23, 2015

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Brows with a sharp arch naturally draw the eye upwards, which will give the appearance of a more youthful, lifted face. Be cautious of making your arch too high, it should still be proportionate to your face.

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Full, flat brows are youthful and natural in appearance. This shape is also ideal for those with oblong faces because the horizontal shape will make the face appear shorter.

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If you're unsure of how to do your brows, this shape should be your default. The soft angles are flattering on all face shapes. Be sure not to over tweeze; this shape is best when brows are fuller.

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Ideal for heart-shaped faces, the gentle slope is ideal for creating a balance to the more narrow bottom half of the face. 


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# Makeup