40 Hairstyles That Flatter Any Face

We spotted the best hairstyles on our favorite celebs to give you inspiration for your next ‘do. Whether you have a round, oval or long face shape, we’ve got something for you. Get inspired now!

Deena Campbell Mar, 15, 2016

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We spotted the best hairstyles on our favorite celebs to give you inspiration for your next ‘do. Whether you have a round, oval or long face shape, we’ve got something for you. Get inspired now!

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A subtle shaving on the side of the head was once thought of as the go-to style for punk rockers, but it’s now a look reserved for the edgy, yet feminine girl.

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Braids and shaved sides are a great way to protect your strands and switch up the look without completely changing your style. Looking for a change, just wear the hair down and no one will know you’re shaved.

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Check it out from the side!

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Alicia Keys knows that her hair stands out with shaved sides.

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A shaved side only adds to Keke Palmer’s femininity and sex appeal.

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Tashiana Washington rocked the hairstyle at a red carpet event.

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The key to mastering wash-and-go curls is finding the right product. It may take a while to discover what works for your hair type, but once you do, the styling options are endless!

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Ladies, here's a great styling option for those days when your wash-and-go isn't quite acting the way you'd like.  Pin up pieces on the sides to create a beautiful updo like Tamera Mowry-Housley.

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The back of Tamera's style is totally cute, too! 

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A top knot with LAID edges is a perfect style for any season.

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Top knots in gray? Yes!!!

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Sevyn streeter's braided top knot is another way to wear the protective hairstyle.

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Braided top knots serve serious beauty inspiration.​

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Cornrows aren't anything new for us, but they are proof that a simple style looks great on any head shape.

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And check it out from the back!

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Add a hint of runway-inspiration to your cornrows by adding hair to make it look longer, and color for brightness.

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When top knots are paired with cornrows, its no longer the style for the cool, lazy-girl. Instead, it's more for the fashion-forward girl with class.

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Just ask Taraji...

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Twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder give big hair new meaning every time they hit the scene. We're obsessed with them!

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Meagan Good's goodness faux locs are the perfect style for any and every occasion and face shape.

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Singer Alegbra created a stylish roll with braids and, for added style, paired it with a cute ear cuff.

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A fishtail braid is a great way jazz up your look when you need to look polished in an instant.

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If you want to make a statement with your hair—always go for the fishtail.

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Creating a fishtail braid isn't the simplest hair skill to master, but once you achieved it, it's a great skill to have.

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The newly engagged Ciara never looked better!

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Unleash your inner hairstylist and opt for a fishtail braid with gray ends.

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Janelle Monáe's jumbo braids are a great option for when there aren't enough hours in the day and you still want to look well put together.

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They look great from every angle.

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And they pair well with large sunglasses!

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So pretty!

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For added style, continue to wrap the braid around your head.

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Long, small braids wwith beads on the end are great for spring and summer seasons.

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Not sure how to style your oval-shaped head, opt for braids that can be styled in my looks.

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Or try braiding your hair half-way and secure braids with black elastic bands.

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Or make them larger like Brandys.

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Twists are great when you pair them with a top knot like Erica Ash.


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