36 Surprising Beauty Tips We Should All Know

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ESSENCE.COM Jan, 27, 2012

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1. GOT A BURN from the curling iron? We’ve been there. Dab it with a cold compress and apply honey. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that calm the injury before discoloration sets in.

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2. DON’T THROW AWAY the last bit of lipstick in the tube. Scoop it out and put it in a plastic case (like the travelsize ones found in drugstores), then mix with shea butter. Voilà! Tinted lip balm.

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3. TO MASK UNDEREYE CIRCLES, use the right camouflage. Orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel. So dabbing on an orange-tinted cover-up will nix the bluish tint our undereye discoloration usually has. Apply under your concealer. Shown: Khuraira Dark Circle Primer ($30, khuraira.com).

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4. “SPLASH YOUR FACE 20 times with lukewarm water mixed with the lather from your cleansing bar, followed by ten splashes of cool, clean running water. This helps soften the skin and flush out the pores.” — BEATRICE SIMMONS, ATLANTA Shown: Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap ($39, ernolaszlo.com).

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5. In a rush? Use a waterproof mascara; it dries faster than other formulas.

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6. APPLY CLEAR MASCARA over your brows before you tweeze. The mascara makes it easier to grab one hair at a time and, therefore, be more precise.

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7. Wash your brushes and combs with a clarifying shampoo to quickly zap oils and product buildup, just as it does for your hair.

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8. BROWN-SKINNED WOMEN CAN MOST CERTAINLY WEAR FUCHSIA—and other vivid shades—flawlessly by defining the lip first with your foundation. Just take a slanted detail brush, start at the corner, and carefully outline the lip for definition to make color pop. Shown: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustere in Fuchsia Symbole ($22, yslbeaute-us.com).

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9. "Change your pillowcases weekly so the oil from your hair doesn’t transfer to your face and cause breakouts. — EDRICA SCOTT, HEPHZIBAH, GA

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10. IF GEL IS YOUR GO-TO for holding down your edges (use sparingly because it is drying), apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner first to minimize damage and keep hair from getting crunchy. Shown: Dr. Miracle’s Leave In Conditioner ($6, Target).

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11. SOAK DISCOLORED FINGER-NAILS in denture cleaner to lift stains left behind from dark-hued polish.

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12. A PINKISH PLUM shade of blush is a soft natural hue that looks fab on virtually every shade of skin. Shown: Black|Up blush in BL10 ($24, blackupcosmetics.com).

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13. NEED A HAIRDO REFRESH in between washes? First spray hair with a dry shampoo; next, comb through hair with a blow-dryer (with comb attachment) on a warm setting. This rids your hair of product buildup and gets it a little straighter in the process. Shown: Suave Dry Shampoo Spray ($3, drugstores).

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14. TO GET A BETTER GRIP when applying false eyelashes, let the glue set on them for 30 seconds. The glue will get a little tacky, which will make the false lashes easier to set in place on the lash line. Wet glue tends to slip and slide.

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15. “Make your own skin smoothing and softening bath soak with a mix of sea salt, dry milk and baking soda.”

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16. IF YOU WEAR A SCARF AT NIGHT, add an extra layer of protection by putting a moisturizing cream around your edges—especially at the nape of your neck.

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17. Whether creating curls on natural hair with a small curling iron or two-strand twists, avoid frizz by carefully uncoiling hair in the direction of the curl.

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18. LIP GLOSS IS LIKE AN OIL and attracts the sun, so don’t forget to put sunscreen on your lips first because they can burn easily. Plus, sun damage is one of the culprits behind lip discoloration. Shown: Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 SPF 4 ($7, kiehls.com).

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19. TO CREATE OUR MOST NATURAL nude lip, before you apply a café au lait shade of gloss, put on a bit of concealer that matches your skin tone.

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20. WHEN YOU’RE DOWN TO YOUR LAST DROP OF FOUNDATION, don’t waste it. Scrape it out with a butter knife and keep it in a piece of aluminum foil. Just use a foundation brush or sponge to apply.

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21. AVOID RUBBING YOUR EYES. The more you rub them, the greater the chance that the skin around them will get darker. Rubbing inflames the area and causes more pigmentation to be deposited into the thin skin.

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22. Despite being used for generations, there is no scientific evidence that cocoa butter evens skin tone. If you love it, use it just because you like how soft and silky it makes your skin.

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23. “To soothe dry skin or eczema, take a bath using cold-pressed castor oil and olive oil.” — ANDREA WEAVER, ATLANTA

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24. “Apply pumpkin seed oil to your hair, skin and nails to keep them moisturized.” — LATOYA TRAMILL, ANTIOCH, TN

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25. TO USE LESS FOUNDATION FOR A MORE NATURAL look, dip your sponge in water, squeeze out, then dip in your base. The sponge will soak up the water and be too full to absorb excess foundation.

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26. “Instead of lipstick, mix eye shadow or blush with lip gloss.” — ESTER L. GREEN VIA FACEBOOK

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27. CHECK FOR RAZOR BUMPS before you consider laser hair removal. The darker the skin, the higher the risk of getting burned, so it’s best to pretreat the area and fade any dark spots first to avoid damaging your skin. Ask your dermatologist for the best fast-acting fade agent.

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28. “I RUB ICE ON MY FACE in the morning before I put on makeup and evenings before I go to bed.” – TIA MOWRY

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29. “OLIVE OIL WORKS wonders for me. I use it to moisturize my entire body—and I use it on my baby too.” – TIA MOWRY

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30. “I RUB ACTUAL GARLIC on my nails to strengthen them.” – TIA MOWRY

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31. “MY MOM TAUGHT ME at a very young age to rub upward when applying moisturizer to prevent wrinkles.” – BRANDY

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32. “CUCUMBERS are perfect for puffiness around the eyes.” – BRANDY

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33. “YSL LIPGLOSS IN #7 is a natural color that goes with anything you wear or any eye color.”- BRANDY

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34. “THE FAMILY TIP that’s been passed down is good old Vaseline under the eyes before going to bed.” – WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON

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35. “I USE EGG WHITES as a mask; it really keeps the skin tight.” – WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON

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36. “I DISCOVERED THIS TIP during the filming of Miss Congeniality: Preparation H under the eyes takes away the early-morning bags. It’s great.” – WENDY RAQUEL ROBINSON

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