35 Ways to Wow

Kick off 2013 with an arsenal of tips and tricks straight from the pros that will have you looking fab 24/7.

Marica Caster Jan, 10, 2013

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Give your face special treatment. Don't use the same towel on your face as you do for your body; the latter may have excess oils or skin flakes on it. Instead use a white hand towel to dry off.

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To keep makeup from settling into pockmarks left behind from acne or scars, pump things up by spritzing your face with pure rose water. Wait a few minutes and then treat your face to 100 percent argan oil.

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Your legs have been under cover for months. Add a little foundation to your body cream to make your legs look flawless. Set it with hair spray, like the pros do, for extra oomph.

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Short on time and need a nail color touch-up? Start with a light color and layer on a darker shade for a new mani on the go and a one-of-a-kind shade.

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Zap a zit, pronto. Apply witch hazel to a cotton swab and press it on the pimple three or four times to deflate it. We love Dickinson's Original With Hazel Pore Perfection Toner  ($6, Walgreens).

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As you age your eyelashes thin and crows feet begin to develop. Restore a youthful appearance by using a lash serum and eye cream such as Olay Regenerist Micro-Scuplting Eye and Lash Duo ($25, olay.com)

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Create a custom blend and pair your primer with a powder blush to provide a smoothing rouge that gives a natural flush of color.

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Give the bronzer a rest. Surprisingly, experts agree that red blush is universally flattering on dark skin tones.

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Mimic the appearance of natural brows. Pencils can be too harsh and powders too soft. Use both for a winning combination.

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Become pro-powder. Dust a veil of an invisible translucent formula over your face before foundation to nix oil and make foundation wear longer.

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If you're feeling skilled, go for an instant face-lift effect with concealer. Place underneath your eyes, on the sides of the nose, on the sides of the mouth and between the brows.

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Honey is not just a burn soother. It's also a skin saver. Dab some on a pimple and let sit for 20 minutes to help dry out skin fast. Rinse with warm water.

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Be gentle with your nails. White marks on the nails are caused by trauma. So check your manicurist; she or he may be too aggressive.

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Be careful with soap-based cleansers, no matter your skin type. Some can have a drying effect on the lipid layer. Love the suds? Moisturize twice a day to counter dryness.

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Stay away from dark matte lip color. It makes lips look shriveled. Go with creams and glossy finishes instead.

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Keep a red lip pencil handy. It helps camouflage deep marks on dark skin. Used before foundation, the red counteracts the deep olive or black color of the spots and warms the tones. A matte texture lasts longer.

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Whiten your teeth by rubbing them with the inside of an orange peel. It contains limonene, a natural solvent cleaner. The peel doesn't have teeth-eroding acid in it.

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Take a photo of yourself after your brows are shaped. Use it as a reference for maintenance between pro visits. Be sure to keep the arch placed about three-quarters from the beginning of the brow, not dead center.

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We've said it before but it's worth repeating: If you want to rock the fierce matte lip that's so hot right now, exfoliate lips first with a fine grain scrub or your washcloth.

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Become pro-powder. Dust a veil of an invisible translucent formula over your face before foundation to nix oil and make foundation wear longer.

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You may know that blush on the apples of the cheeks looks youthful, but sweeping back toward the ears gives a lifted look.

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Reach for some tea. With effects similar to that of painkillers and anti-inflammatories, chamomile helps calm acne—as well as your nerves. Brew three or four bags of tea. When it's cooled, dab on face with a cotton pad twice daily to diffuse inflamed breakouts.

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Get artistic: Use paint brushes instead of fancy makeup brushes. They're a fraction of the cost and come in all bristle hairs and sizes.

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If you have very dry skin or suffer from eczema, watch for moisturizers that contain a lot water. When the water evaporates, the moisturizer makes skin even drier.

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Use tried-and-true cucumbers and Preparation H on the eyes; they decrease the appearance of the under-eye bags.

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Make your own mask. Cabbage, rich in vitamins and minerals, pureed into a mask can be used to deep-cleanse and calm skin.

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Give your nails the glitterati treatment. Paint color on nail, then roll each wet nail into the accent, whether it's real jewels or confetti.

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Banish dark circles caused by blood vessels showing through the thin skin with hyaluronic acid. It pumps up skin cells, making the skin less transparent.

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Make this the year you add a dermatologist to your glam squad. Most insurance comapines cover full body scans; it's preventative. Be sure to check your palms, soles and nails—areas where people of color are especially prone to getting skin cancer.

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Got milk? Add a couple of cups of milk to your bath. The lactic acid renews and softens your skin.

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Handle your pretty face with care. Wash with a gentle cleanser and use your fingers, not a washcloth, which can be too harsh.

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Go light on the eyeliner. Too much makes small eyes look even smaller. Instead, makeup artists use this technique: Line top lids right into the lashes. Line bottom with an eye-popping shade like plum, navy or green.

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Use a blue-based eyeliner pencil shade along your eye rim. It makes the whites of your eyes look brighter. Pair with curled lashes for even more wide-eyed appeal.

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Fix a nick in your manicure with your fingers; they work better than a brush. Dip a finger in polish remover and gently rub it over the nick until it is smoothed out. Seal with a clear top coat instead of more polish.

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Make your lip shape last. Outline your lip with a matte eye shadow mixed with a drop of sealing gel before filling in with color. The duo creates a waterproof barrier that locks definition into place.


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