30 Reasons Why We Love Iman

The iconic model is turning 60 this Saturday—yea, we don't believe it either! Here are 30 reasons why we think she's the crème de la crème!

Virginia Lowman Jul, 24, 2015

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Because her cheekbones are out of this world!

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Because she is the epitome of black women aging gracefully.

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Because she's living proof that "sometimes the king is a queen."

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Because even the King of Pop couldn't deny her abilty to command a room—or a throne!

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Because top designers like Yves Saint Laurent have been quoted saying, "my dream woman is Iman."

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Because she truly believes "you are your own best thing."

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Because she's unapologetically fierce!

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Because who else can rock cutlery and make it look trendy? 

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Because she embraces her beauty whole-heartedly and encourages others to do the same.

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Because she's got fashion beauty and home decor chops!

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Because she's written two books, launched two makeup lines and a fashion and lifestyle collection.

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Because her hair is everything!

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Because she's got beauty and brains. Before coming to the US, the supermodel worked a translator to pay off her college tuition.

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Because she was one of the first models to find success on runways as well as in editorial.

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Because she's your favorite supermodel's favorite supermodel.

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Because Yves Saint Laurent devoted an entire collection to her called, "The African Queen" collection.

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Because after two children she still looks incredible.

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Because she gives back. Iman has serves an an activist for Somalian relief efforts.

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Because her posse includes runway favorites like Tyra, Alek and Kimora.

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Because she is "gone with the wind fabulous."

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Because she "trusts in [her] dopeness."

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Because she's faithful to her friends. She partnered with celebrity makeup artist, Jay Manuel to start his line Jay Manuel Beauty.

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Because almost 30 years later, her photos still 'wow' us.

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Because even Queen B's right-hand man, Sir John, loves her.

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Because she rallies behind self-love and belives you "can't airbrush personality."

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Because even stylists and supermodels like June Ambrose and Naomi Cambell can't get keep their hands off of her.

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Because she champions women of color at all times.

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Because she's an activist for peace and equality.

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Because she's redefined beauty in an industry that was once completely devoid of color. 

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Because she's done all of this before the age of 50!


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