30 Happy Celeb Pictures That Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

In honor of International Day of Happiness, we present to you the trick to keep you on the sunny side of life. Flip through these Instagram photos of your favorite celebs—they're sure to brighten your life.

Taylor Lewis Mar, 20, 2016

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There is only one way to describe this pic: blissful.

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It's a nice change from the cutthroat Lyon's den.

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We can't speak—our hearts are too full. 

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This powerful pair look like they're having the greatest time together.

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Just when you thought that the happiest place on earth couldn't get any happier. 

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Pharrell is happily celebrating his dancer's birthday. That cake looks delish!

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When you're holding a bouquet of balloons that big, it's impossible to be sad. Take it from (an icognito) Lupita.

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Don't you love catching that rare glimpse of a candid Bey moment?

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Perhaps the only two people who can make free-falling look like fun. 

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This couple couldn't be cuter (or happier) if they tried.

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Janelle is on a beach in Dubai with her mama. They have a lot of reasons to smile!

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This could be the best selfie of 2015.

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It's nothing but laughter and jokes on the set of this legendary pair's music video.

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Our favorite "awkward Black girl" gets cozy—and smiley—with a baby gator.

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We grin when we're sippin' on 7Eleven slurpees, too! 

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The secret to their success is silly selfless (no, seriously).

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June jumps for joy, and we grin. 

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They are arguably the best brother-sister duo on earth.

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The Black-ish stars take a break from the show to snap a "scary" self.

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We're cold (but happy!) just looking at Usher take an ice bath.

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Surrounded by cartoon characters, Rihanna cruises through the set of her new movie, Home.

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Spring has sprung, and Tia couldn't be happier. 

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We'd be grinning too if we were wading in paradise.

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Even her dog isn't immune to all of the happiness!

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Can you imagine how much fun this set is?

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Baby elephant crafts. 

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The newlyweds are pure smiles in this playful pic.

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ESSENCE covergirl Kelly and her boo Tim seem so in love.

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Chillin' with pigs and seagulls like it's NBD.

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Terrence pauses for a smiley selfie while traipsing through London.