30 Dates in 30 Days - Harper

HARPER Age: 43 HER SIGN: Gemini/Cancer Her Job:Personal shopper Her Vibe: Strong and nurturing with a dash of vulnerability. After years of putting herself last in line, this single mom of an 11-year-old girl admits to being high maintenance. DATING HISTORY: Months after filing for divorce in 1999, Harper was dating and celebrating her freedom. "But now I'm considering getting married again," she says. Finding a guy who's as established as she is has been difficult. "As of late, I've only met men with a sad story about what they're trying to do and what they don't have," she laments. Her worst date: Unwittingly going out with a former addict who was homeless. WHAT SHE'S LOOKING FOR: "Someone with a sense of humor, a friend, someone to have fun with," says Harper. While she's adamant about loyalty, she wouldn't mind a guy who isn't around her 24/7. "He could be bicoastal, for example. But I do have to be number one."
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 05, 2008