30 Black Models That Revolutionized New York Fashion Week

Perhaps you've heard the buzz about the 25 models that revolutionized New York Fashion week at Zac Posen Spring 2016? Well, we've captured them all in addition to 17 stunning melanin rich girls that walked in Marc Jacob's show and put them in one gorgeous gallery for you, here!

Virginia Lowman Feb, 25, 2016

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Zac Posen was the talk of the fashion world after showing his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection in which 25 of the 33 models casted were Black. The designer later posted an photo on Instagram modeling the increasingly popular 'Black Models Matter' bag designed by model Ashley B. Chew. Marc Jacobs' model roster wasn't as robust a Posen's, but he cast a number of prominent Black models adding to diversity on the runway during NYFW. Here are 30 gorgeous girls— veterans and fresh faces—that revolutionized fashion week and got people talking.

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The edgy curly-haired model with French, English and Spanish roots goes by a first name only basis. She has covered I-D magazine and walked in a number of top shows since her debut a year ago (Moschino and Burberry, just to name a few). If she can do all of that in two seasons, there's no limit on her model potential!

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Walking in the best shows and scoring major campaigns is nothing new Ugandan model, Aamito Lagum. The gorgeous model set the social world a buzz in recent weeks after being at the center of a MAC Instagram post that went viral after commenters left hateful racial comments about the fullness of her lips. For the record, her lips are absolutely beautiful. Seriously— breathtaking.

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Read our coverage of the MAC controversy here.

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The red-haired Brit has a look that's hard to turn away from. Milky brown skin and clusters of freckles across her nose and cheeks have earned her 3 covers and a spot on the model roster of shows like DKNY and Simone Rocha.

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With a name like Aqua ("water" in Italian), it's hard for people not to take notice of you. The Japanese and Black model has appeared on the pages of Teen Vogue and V magazine, walked in some of the hottest shows and even appeared in a Maybelline campaign.

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The Tennessee native has just released her own line of sneakers in collaboration with European-favorite sneaker house, Supergas, and recently bleached her locs blonde. Binx Walton is a big deal and a hot commodity in every sense. Did we mention she's also effortlessly cool? She's the super chill girl everyone wants—and needs— in their crew.

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Flawless, Dutch native, Damaris Goddrie has worked her way up the fashion circuit from the indie world to the most fashionable magazines and coutour shows. Not bad for a girl who initially wan't interested in modeling.

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At 5'11, Sudanese model Grace Bol is statuesque. Add to that her gorgeous full lips and captivating ebony skin and you've for the perfect prototype for a high-class supermodel.

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It's hard not to be in awe of Paris-native of Martinican decent, model Karly Loyce, but she's a lot more than just a beautiful face. She is owning the runways lately, but she's also all about her books. In addition to modeling, she's also pursuing a degree in biology!

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Domincan model, Lineisy Montero may only be 20, but she's broken down some serious fashion barriers in short year since her runway debut. Not only is she one of the first models to score a major contract sporting her natural hair, but she was also the first Black model to land a spot of Prada's runway model roster since Naomi Campbell in 1994. Respect, girl!

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It goes without saying that she's beautiful. She walks in all of the shows you wish you had access to and she shares the same modeling agency as fashion icon, Naomi Campbell. Need we say more? The girl is fierce!

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Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Riley Montana i a force to be reconned with. A true success story, she left her home town and moved to LA to pursue modeling. Soon after, she moved to New York and landed Givenchy— a huge deal!

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The Sudanese beauty has skin like velvet and, a killer smile and the fahsio nresume to match

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At 5'9, Mical Bockru is a sight for soar eyes.

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She's got cheek bones any woman would be envious of, and a killer walk! 

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She's got that California cool that most girls work for years to copy. Selena Forrest has all of the trappings of an "It Girl" in the making.

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You may notice grey-eyed beauty from her recent Prada Eyewear campaign. She's made a name for herself in just 6 short months!

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With a regal name like Afrodita Dorado it's a wonder we don't actually call her "Queen." She is our ultimate girl crush.

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The Cabo Verdean beauty has full brows and deep almond eyes.

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Three words: Serious. Beauty. Chops.  The Dominican model has mastered that effortless, model-off duty cool.

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I mean it's Cindy Bruna. Nothing more needs to be said.

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She's the new face of Maybelline and fashion's hottest commodity.

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Her beauty is other wordly (in the best way possible) and the deigners know it. She's been on the cover of Vogue and countless high-fashion runways.

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The Angolan beauty was the first model to walk in the Victoria Secret show with natural hair. Clearly, she slays.

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The Jamaican born beauty with skin like silk is real like #BeautyGoals!

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Full lips, enviable cheek bones and serious curl envy sum up our feelings about the oh, so gorgeous Farhiya Shire.

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We always admire a girl who confident enough to rock her natural in a close cropped style.

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She's the epitome grace and she's about her business. Model? check. Law Degree? In progress. Girl Boss? Check!

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She's a high fashion model that gives new meaning to cool, textured hair with shaved sides and all!

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When faced with the issue of diversity in the fashion industry, Ashley put paint to bag and created the "Black Models Matter" bag seen on some of the most influential people in the industry. She sat out this season, but still made an appearance in Yeezy's epic Season 3 show.

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