3 Steps to Contour Tanning Like a Pro (Even in the Fall)

Looking to keep your summer glow through the fall? Everyone can't extend their vacation and hop on a flight to St. Barts, but you can get that just-left-the-beach glow if you learn to master at-home spray tanning. If you don't have time for the full on tan but you just want a cinnamon sun-kissed look that also happens to amp up the appearance of muscle definition, then this 3-step contouring guide is for you!   

Virginia Lowman Sep, 29, 2015

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Contour tanning is the perfect way to make you legs look more tanned. Focus on the contours of your legs using a tanning spray of your choice to create shadows in long sweeping strokes in the contours of your inner and outer calf and the contour of your outer thigh. Follow by contouring your arms shadowing the line along your tricep and bicep. Be sure to hold the product at least six inches away from your leg, and this practice is best done naked or in a bikini for the best results. Opt for a place that can easily be cleaned like your shower or standing on a plastic sheet in your back yard.

For a cinnamon-y glow, Iike Norvell DWTS Performance Self Tanning Airbrush Spray, $37 available at norvelltanning.com

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When applying a self tanner to your face, be sure to keep your chin up, close your eyes and hold the product at least six inches from the face. Apply light pressure to the spray nozzle and move the can in sweeping downward strokes.

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Lift your chin and, holding the product six inches from your neck, spray in down ward strokes and add shadows to contours of your collar bone and your breast plate. 

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