25 Reasons Why Idris Elba Is So Irresistible

It's no surprise that Idris Elba's newest film Beasts Of No Nation reached a whopping 3 million views on Netflix last week. Elba alwyas reigns supreme in Hollywood, and here's why!

Charli Penn Nov, 02, 2015

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It's no surprise that Idris Elba's newest film Beasts Of No Nation reached a whopping 3 million views last week. Elba alwyas reigns supreme in Hollywood, and here's why!

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Elba, 41, makes sexy look effortless each and every single time we spot him walking the red carpet.

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Remember that time Idris shared a video of one of his shirtless gym workouts and he almost broke Instagramt? We can't ever forget.

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And, you know it!

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So this is what happens when you put on your fantasy-vision goggles?

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No Good Deed star Elba can do no wrong onscreen and all of Hollywood's leading ladies know it.

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Whether he's showing a little personality on the red carpet or playing a tough guy on set, Elba's definitely a bit of a bad boy, which instantly makes the ladies love him just a little more.

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International hunk Elba seriously looks delicious doing absolutely anything. Call us, maybe?

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Idris Elba. No shirt. On set. Enough said!

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Fans who follow Elba on social media are always in for a treat because when it comes to moments he's willing to share, he isn't shy at all. For evidence, see this sexy mid-haircut shot he blessed he once blessed fans with.

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Elba knows he's on every woman's celeb crush wishlist, so he's always down to make their day. (Especially for his former co-stars.) How can you not love that?

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Rain, rain, please don't go away, if it means that sexy hunk Elba gets to stay. (Like our little poem?) We think he would!

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When Elba flashes that dazzling smirk he gives new meaning to sexy.

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Pouting or not, we're on team Idris. Tell us what makes you love the hunky thespian below.

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Elba suits up for big events in chic style and he certainly has the (broad and sexy!) shoulders for it.

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“Sure, I got some sexy mail when I was playing Stringer and it would be incredibly flattering if I thought it was being directed at me. But I'm not kidding myself. I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt. These people were getting turned on by Stringer Bell, not by me, and I'm sure it's the same with John Luther. I'm just the guy who plays him," Elba once said in an interview with British paper The Daily Mail.

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Elba has emerged above the rest in the industry becoming one of Hollywood's most reliable leading men and a regular on the Emmy nods list.

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Elba isn't just a star in front of the cameras, he does his thing behind them too. We see you boo!

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Elba hasn't let all of the fame and accolades he's received in Hollywood go to his head. The doting dad keeps his focus on family, friends and fans.

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“You put me in an white tee and drop me in Brixton, and I'm any other bloke. I'll be treated like a 'hoodie' like the rest, not a star,” said Elba in a 2011 ESSENCE interview with Dream Hampton when discussing what it’s like to be a British man and the son of African immigrants.

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When the cameras turn to Elba he always turns it up, and we're just happy to watch him do his thing.

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Confidence and high self-esteem are sexy, no question, and Elba has no shortage of either.

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Spotting elba at an airport is like finding gold for the paparazzi.

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In all of his hit roles, from playing a drug lord on The Wire to a detective on the hit BBC series Luther, Elba brings his A-game to the screen and leaves viewers happy to tune back in. An achiever means a winner!

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Elba and girlfriend, makeup artist Naiyana Garth, recently welcomed the birth of their son, Elba's second child. Who doesn't love a man who's willing to follow his heart, settle down and start a family with the woman he loves?

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Elba's daughter Isan, 12, and new son Winston, 5 months, are his number one joys in life, and it shows.