25 Most Popular Celebs on Twitter

25 Most Popular Celebs on Twitter
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 14, 2011

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Followers: 8.7 million (est)
Tweets: 1,307
Memorable Tweet: “I want every child to head to school knowing their education is America’s priority. Let’s seize this moment and fix No Child Left Behind.”

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Followers: 6.3 million (est)
Tweets: 836
Memorable Tweet: “The 20’s are all about self discovery..and 30’s are about executing and manifesting what you know.”

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Followers: 5.7 million (est)
Tweets: 2,179
Memorable Tweet: “I’m a horrible person, I know! My twitter page is not for u perfectly good people…"

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Followers: 4.5 million (est)
Tweets: 2,345
Memorable Tweet: “#dembabies aka Roc+Roe are sleeping peacefully:) I just finished singing 2 them(softly!) Feeling so blessed."

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Followers: 3.8 million (est)
Tweets: 8, 196
Memorable Tweet: “Best Day Ever!!! Collins Academy was absolutely amazing!" (following her appearance as Principal for the Day)”

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Followers: 3.8 million (est)
Tweets: 1,392
Memorable Tweet: “Everyone has so many great ideas & aspirations! We’re more unstoppable then ever as a people! #let’s fly"

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Followers: 3.7 million (est)
Tweets: 14,025
Memorable Tweet: “Sometimes when I listen to the radio it makes me nauseous! Like I wanna throw up in my mouth a lil’ bit. Sorry… Real talk!”

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Followers: 3.5 million (est)
Tweets: 1402
Memorable Tweet: “I won’t always say the right thing, but my heart is always in the right place.”

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Followers: 3 million (est)
Tweets: 1,546
Memorable Tweet: “I never thought people would be mad at me for having fans. I only entertain it becuz (sic) it’s entertaining!"

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Followers: 2.9 million (est)
Tweets: 32,667
Memorable Tweet: “Happy anniversary to my lovely wife of 14yrs. Just bought her what she wants! Me!!! Love u boo!"

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Followers: 2.8 million (est)
Tweets: 32,667
Memorable Tweet: “God has been good to bless me and my friends! WE ARE WINNING!"

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Followers: 2.5 million (est)
Tweets: 3,002
Memorable Tweet: "Writing a song called “lie to me”…about how sometimes you’d rather just hear a lie cuz the truth hurts."

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Followers: 2.5 million (est)
Tweets: 5,043
Memorable Tweet: “My wife just gave me the most incredible anniversary gift ever in life!" (The birth of his twins)

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Followers: 2.4 million (est)
Tweets: 444
Memorable Tweet: “Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.”

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Followers: 2.3 million (est)
Tweets: 5,961
Memorable Tweet: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else."

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Followers: 2.2 million (est)
Tweets: 9,402
Memorable Tweet: “Pray…it works.”

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Followers: 2.1 million (est)
Tweets: 28,255
Memorable Tweet: “@RepWeiner Stay strong boss man, my grandma always said (this to [sic] shall pass) but when in doubt Child Please your way out. #1Luv"

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Followers: 2 million (est)
Tweets: 19,113
Memorable Tweet: “The power of woman, God created man in his on image but man could not survive without a woman."

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Followers: 2 million (est)
Tweets: 8,688
Memorable Tweet: “I am thankful that I have today. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I’m gonna make every day the best I can. #loveuSeankingston"

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Followers: 2 million (est)
Tweets: 1,320
Memorable Tweet: “I love being Navyid and Usher’s daddy!"

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Followers: 2 million (est)
Tweets: 6,244
Memorable Tweet: "Facebook needs a “I love it” button."

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Followers: 2 million (est)
Tweets: 18,131
Memorable Tweet: “Wisdom is passed down to the young, when embraced it inspires innovation :)…Old men are a necessity!"

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Followers: 1.7 million (est)
Tweets: 385
Memorable Tweet: “Work and passion in the fight against HIV/AIDS."

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Followers: 1.7 million (est)
Tweets: 10,000
Memorable Tweet: “Ladies cover up. Just a little. You get reactions I know! But a real man likes to discover. And peel back 1 layer at a time."

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Followers: 1.4 million (est)
Tweets: 6, 785
Memorable Tweet: “Sentimental tweet…shoot me. But I love & cherish the love I receive from my fans & music friends (new & old). I take nothin’ 4 granted."

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