22 Celeb Couples That Make Us Feel All Warm and Fuzzy On Instagram

We just have to double tap when these celebrity couples share the love.

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Comedian and ESSENCE Festival headliner Kevin Hart and his fiancée Eniko Parrish share a sweet selfie before bed. Those matching grins are the best.

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Nothing but sunny days, bright smiles and endless selfies for this photogenic couple.

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Cuddle break! We can almost feel the love between Alicia and Swizz radiating through our iPhone screens.

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We can just tell that Gabby and Dwyane are the perfect partner-in-crime. They always look so happy simply being together.

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Marjorie and Steven took their family to Dubai to ring in the New Year. We have a feeling that the duo snuck away for a desert smooch or two.

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We love any couple who can snap a goofy selfie and willingly post it to Instagram!

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We love the Obamas' love story almost as much as we love them!

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This power couple has Grammys for daaaays.

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Almost 20 years after they met, this couple is still hopelessly in love (and looking fab).

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Pre-baby, this couple was absolutely presh. And post-baby, we can barely stand their cuteness! 

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LaLa and Carmelo take a la-la-lovely (sorry, we couldn't help it) Saturday morning drive.

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We can't get enough of their romance. We're so grateful that they snap so many pics! 

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Monica and Shannon are living proof that when you're in love, you actually do start to look like your partner. We're lovin' the shades! 

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Can you feel the love tonight? Chrissy plants a smooch on her Oscar-winning hubby's forehead.

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We didn't think their NOLA wedding pics could be topped... But we were wrong! Their cool-ness is almost overwhelming.

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Our ESSENCE covergirl takes a break from the recording studio to love on her new hubby.

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Reality TV suits these starlets! We don't know if they've ever looked happier. 

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Sure, Lance is known for taking adorable selfies with his baby daughter, but he and Rebecca are just as cute! 

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Four months after their secret nuptials, this pair is looking hotter than ever.

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This baller and his boo took a romantic getaway to the Greek islands. Swoon

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Forget about the flashing lights! This RHOA couple only has eyes for each other. Don't they look happy?

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The ultimate ride or die duo! Their loyalty to each other is enviable.