21 Photos Of Tennis Pro Dustin Brown That Will Make You Instantly Fall In Love

Wimbledon may be over, but we can't get breakout star Dustin Brown off our mind. We dare you to look at these photos and tell us you're not officially obsessed too.

Charli Penn Aug, 03, 2015

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Look over here, gorgeous! Brown, 30, is a Jamaican-German tennis pro who could seriously have a booming career as a model too.

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Brown's stance on and off the court is a real scene stealer.

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There are actually online galleries completely devoted to Brown's luscious locks. Can you see why?

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At Wimbledon this year, Brown and his powerful swing made headlines when he beat two-time champ Rafael Nadal, sending him home much earlier than expected.

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After causing one of the most surprising upsets at Wimbledon this year, Brown's Twitter and Instagram followings doubled, and it's not hard to see why with regular shares likes this one.

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Swagger on fleek!

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Brown's tattoo is also something to talk about it. It's a portrait of his father.

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It moves as well as he does he on the court.

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Yup, we could stare at Brown and his locks all day. They're mesmerizing!

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How would you caption this photo? At the moment, we're at a loss for words.

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When he's not giving it his all on the court, Brown rests his body (and let's us join him for a little R&R on Instagram.)

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Now this is one vacation moment we're super sad we missed.

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Although Brown's intensity usually takes the lead on the court, his smile is still dazzling.

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We're all about Brown's laid-back vibes.

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Just look at it go. Now that's one sexy accent on an already gorgeous man.

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The best combination ever!

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Brown's focus is clear.

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We like Brown's off-the-court look as much as his on-the-court styles. Wouldn't you agree?

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Brown, a free-spirit, tells the press he hasn't cut his lovely locks in 19 years.

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Brown recently shared this yummy throwback Thursday moment from a photo shoot years ago. Wish we could see more!

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Thanks for making our Monday, Dustin!