21 Funny Women Who Need to Host 'SNL'

We can't believe that, with all of the talented Black women in showbiz, only nine have ever hosted Saturday Night Live. We're super-excited to see Taraji P. Henson host this Saturday and it got us thinking about all the other funny ladies who deserve a shot in the spotlight.

Jolie A. Doggett Apr, 10, 2015

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We'd love to see her do a hilarious portrayal of her famous mama. Plus, the SNL stage seems like the perfect place for an impromptu Girlfriends reunion (wink, wink. nudge, nudge)

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One of the SNL cast members is murdered and Viola needs to gather a ragtag group to solve (or cover up) the crime. Make it happen, SNL!

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Gabrielle Union hosting SNL? Bring It On! (pun completely intended). She'll bring necessary sexiness and silliness to the show. 

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People often forget Jada has some enviable comedic ability from her days on A Different World to her voicing a hippo in Madagascar. We can just see the SNL Nutty Professor sketch now…

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Seriously, Sherri may be one of the funniest Black women on TV. Please bring her on just to do a parody of The View or The Newlywed Game.

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Damn, Gina! How could Tisha Campbell-Martin never have hosted SNL? Maybe A.J. Johnson or Martin Lawrence will make and appearance and take us back to the good ol' days. 

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This funny lady had us rolling during her stint on Comedy Central's Reno 911.  Just give her a sheriff's badge and let the good times roll.

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Honestly, during her opening monologue she should just light someone's car on fire and walk away. That's all she'd need to do.

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She already hosts her own show and she's even performed in a comedy showcase. Why not have her spill the tea on the SNL stage? 

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The only real problem would be deciding which of her multiple personalities will be the most funny. Hopefully if she hosts she'll freestyle her opening monologue. 

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Just put her back in a nun's habit and let her have at it.

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If Think Like A Man and The Best Man are any indication, Regina Hall would kill it hosting SNL.  As soon as she walks out for her opening monologue, the band should play Cameo's "Candy."

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If Orange Is The New Black proves anything, it's that Uzo Aduba has the comedic range to make us laugh and cry in the same episode. Bring Crazy Eyes to SNL!

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She's already proved her live-action acting ability on Broadway. A Housewives parody will definitely be in order if she hosts.

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This Oscar winner has the facial expressions and the reaction time to make her a perfectly hilarious host. PLEASE have her reenact the pie scene from The Help.

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She's got the sass and the silliness to pull off this hosting gig. It'd be funny to see her do a hilarious Hard Knock Life remix.

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The world of improv is the perfect place for Bad Gal RiRi, the poster child for the carefree Black woman. We're positive she won't even need a script.

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She's already the funniest Braxton sister. She could take a comical stab at recent Muppet jokes. Maybe...

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Beyoncé's baby sister will bring the funk and the flair to SNL. Also, it's a good opportunity to parody that infamous elevator fight.

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FLOTUS is hilarious on the talk show circuit and on the Vine. We need to see her and Jay Pharaoh do a White House scene on SNL.

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This would be a perfect opportunity to re-do the hilarious Beygency sketch.