The 2014 Natural Hair Blogger Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the naturalista in your life (or for yourself)? Let these hair bloggers help you out with their top holiday gift picks.

Deena Campbell Dec, 04, 2014

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Looking for the perfect gift for the natural bestie in your life (or for yourself)? Let these hair bloggers help you out with their top holiday gift picks.


Celebrate your curls with msnikkimae's holiday picks.

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Artist Dana of Pardon My Fro offers a beautiful collection of art prints showcasing a variety of beautiful natural hair styles. Any of these would look great framed as a gift! ($10, available at

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This beauty subscription service catering to women of color offers 5 deluxe-size or full size hair, skin, makeup and lifestyle products and would be perfect for someone who loves to experiment with new beauty products. I've discovered many new favorite products from their boxes! ($25/a month, available at 

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I love this rich, creamy butter that works great for both the hair and skin. Plus, the mint chocolate scent smells amazing and is perfect for the holiday season! ($14, available at

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Monica's holiday picks are all about maintaining moisture through the tough winter cold.

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This oil is 99.9% naturally derived from plants; no petroleum, no minerals or water added. It instantly adds about 40% more moisture to hair and it is silicone-free, so it easily penetrates the hair for lasting hydration. The active ingredient is buriti oil, a natural emollient that strengthens, smooths and protects from UV ray damage. What I love most about this dry oil is that even though it is super hydrating, it is not too “heavy.” Once applied to my hair, it absorbs quickly, without leaving a sticky or greasy film behind. ($27, available at

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For me, a good edge tamer holds without being sticky or flaking, and it also doesn’t convert to oil mid day and start oozing down my face. For just under $5, this edge gel moisturizes with coconut and shea and strengthens edges with castor oil all with a nice, sleek, flexible hold. For me, this one stays put it all day, and on days after, I can dab a bit of water to re-fresh and re-slick. (7.95, available at

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This mask improves elasticity and refills the hairs' lipid barrier, which make curls flexible without breaking. It has a blend of fatty acids, proteins and essential oils that work together to condition and repair. I love how easy this treatment smooths into my hair, and just after one application, I can see and feel a difference in how my hair holds and behaves. I like to wear my curls out, year-round, so elasticity treatments are crucial to keeping my hair healthy! ($40, available at

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Ms. Vaughn's holiday gift picks help her manage her curls and maintain her favorite styles.

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I use this product as a deep conditioner and it works great! It leaves my hair soft and manageable and it's awesome for my newly color-treated hair. One of my main priorities with my hair at this point is to preserve the intensity of my color while maintaining moisture as much as possible. Lately I've been reaching for products which have those two considerations in mind. This combo of features is not easy to find so I was happy to discover this item for the upcoming Winter months. ($12.99, available at

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This is my go-to product for achieving stylish, defined Holiday-ready hair! I can depend on this product to produce consistent results each time and it maintains well over the course of a few days. All I have to do is twist my hair each night to maintain my style and I don't even have to apply more product. The style usually lasts until my next wash day. Truly a keeper. ($18, available at

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Each time I complete a hairstyle I don't want to worry about the weather ruining it -- especially if I'm on my way to a Holiday party! This product allows me to step out with confidence because I know that my hair will behave and stay put! I like to finish all my styles with this light spritz because it creates a soft barrier on my hair so the wind and humidity won't change the look of it. No matter if I'm styling a twist-out, afro or intricate updo, I need my hair to hold. ($3.49, available at

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Tamara has all the holiday gift ideas a naturalista needs to cleanse and style her curls.

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Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo is the first clarifying shampoo that I’ve ever used that leaves my natural hair soft and moisturized. It's gentle enough to use weekly but still tough enough to remove product build-up and hard water minerals. ($18, available at

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This hair dryer has changed my life! Chi Deep Brilliance Low EMF Hair Dryer is a hair dryer developed for highly-textured hair.  It’s lightweight with Ion & Ceramic technology that prevents heat damage and drying out your hair. ($99.95, available at

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I'm really in love with Earth's Nectar Coconut Curls as a leave-in and daily moisturizer at the moment. Its smells great. It leaves my hair smooth and with lots of body. ($23.50, available at

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Want a shiny, healthy mane of hair? Try Sugar's holiday gift picks.

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This moisturizing spray provides amazing shine and it conditions your tresses. It also has amazing “slip” and makes it easy to finger detangle. ($15, available at

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Not only is this product moisturizing but it helps achieve an awesome twist out and if that wasn’t enough, it smells absolutely devine! People will stop and ask you, “what do you have in your hair!?” ($16,

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This sulfate free shampoo cleanses without stripping your hair and it also helps with the detangling process. I have used this shampoo without using a rinse out type of conditioner and my hair was still conditioned and moisturized. ($6.77,

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If you're newly natural, Charyjay has all the tips and tricks you need to for your transitioning journey with her helpful holiday picks

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Every natural woman has a family member, friend or co-worker that is either thinking about going natural or is currently transitioning. They usually bombard you with a load of questions on the daily and while you’re usually kind enough to answer, it can sometimes get a bit irritating. Gift those newly natural or transitioning hopefuls with the gift of knowledge this Christmas by giving them the Science of Transitioning: A Complete Guide to Hair Care for Transitioners and New Naturals. ($19.99, available at

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Give the newly natural art lover in your life something she can definitely appreciate and hang with the quickness! This limited edition art piece features a woman with a beautiful head of colorful curls of all patterns and words of the natural hair vocabulary in small print. It’s a great dose of inspiration and a bit of knowledge in one gift. ($60, available at

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For naturals who big chopped in the winter or keep their hair short, the winter can be a bit harsh. Give the gift of warmth this year with this cute stylish, beanie. It’s handmade and provides a satin lining that will keep hair protected against the harsh wool. Who knows if we’ll have another Polar Vortex this year? Help them bundle up with this cozy number. ($36.50, available at

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The number one issue natural’s face is retaining moisture in their hair. That problem rises off the charts once the winter season comes around. While a good steam treatment nips that problem in the butt, some naturals don’t even have a good twenty minutes to sit down and partake in this. For those busy body naturals, give them the Hair Therapy Wrap Thermal Turban Heat Wrap. With this wrap, naturals can deep condition their roots and get added heat they need help the moisture penetrate their hair strands to give an extra dose of moisture once the deep conditioner is rinsed out. It’s cordless as well so they can still move about the house as they please while this does all the work for you. ($25.69, available at