2011: Celebs Rock Out in Wild Nail Designs

Celebrity Nail Spotlight
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 02, 2011

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Michelle Williams’ nails alternate between a sky blue with pink polka dots print and a solid pink shade.

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Pint-size trendsetter Willow Smith rocks out in ultra-violet and white nails.

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LaLa Vazquez jazzes up a pale lime-green mani by including one polka-dotted nail in shades of violet and blue.

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Kelis has the bright idea of dipping just the tips of her nails in bold purples, pinks, greens and yellows.

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Katerina Graham rocks a different design on each of her retro-pointy nails – everything from black-and-white stripes to red with a gold hoop piercing the tip!

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Estelle paints the tips of her ivory nails a brilliant tangerine hue.

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Dawn Richard paints the tips of her middle two fingers a shocking jet-black, leaving the rest stark white.

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Beyonce goes for a soft, spring-y look in pastel pink and teal hues.