2010: The Best of Eye Candy

2010: The Best of Eye Candy
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 26, 2010

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It’s that time of year again, ladies. It’s time to look back on all of the fine men that we swooned and sweated over in 2010.

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Young model/actor Deric Mickens traded his life in Cedar Rapid, Iowa for New York City. In February he reminded us why they just don’t make ’em like they do in the Midwest. That long, lean, toned body and those soft eyes had us doing double takes.

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You may remember Lawrence as “Guiding Light” hunk Remy Boudreau. We remember him as the funny, talented, sexy actor who made us melt in August.

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We love a man with the will to turn his life around. Last winter we fell for Joel, who went from an ex-con to a celebrated journalist and who courted Jacqui Reed in “Let’s Talk About Pep.” We’ll give you something to talk about, Joel.

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Not only is March Eye Candy Christian Keyes a total cutie, he knows how to treat a good Black woman and he’s not ashamed to say it loud. “I think it’s important for Black women to know that they are ultimately what I’m looking for,” he told us.

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Model/actor Robert Dowdy was made for the runway. With those sultry eyes, that strong jaw and those juicy lips, it’s no wonder he was named the Face of Fashion Week in Atlanta in September.

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San Fransisco 49ers tight end is pure brawn. His thick, strong muscles and smooth chocolate complexion helped us beat the winter blues back in January, so you know we had to call upon him to warm us up one more time.

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Another January hottie, Trinidadian-American model Keston Karter blew into our hearts like a breath of fresh air at the beginning of the year. We haven’t been able to get those abs off our our minds ever since. Sigh!

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What lady doesn’t love a smart well-rounded man? Singer, songwriter and Northern Kentucky University Chase Law student Joseph made us appreciate him for his mind, body and soul.

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We knew NFL wide receiver Devin Thomas was a heart breaker the moment he walked into our offices. That didn’t stop us from falling for him again and again in 2010, whether he was looking fine in Fantasia’s “Bittersweet” video or playing the field.

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Antoine Fuqua’s “Brooklyn’s Finest” introduced us to a hand full of sexy up-and-coming actors, none of which made more of an impression on us than cutie and charismatic Queens, NY native Tobias Truvillion. We want to lick those lips so bad.

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Back in August we headed to London to bring you British fitness and fashion model Daniel Louisy. His tall, perfectly chiseled body and sexy British accent made us drool. Pardon me. Hand me a tissue please.

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Isaac Keys was one of the many bachelors who vied for Omarosa’s heart on “The Ultimate Merger.” Since then, we’ve thought of a couple other mergers that might be even better.

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We had World Cup fever this summer. Some of us followed Nigerian-American soccer player Oguchi Onyewu all the way to South Africa to watch the sexy striker score.

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It wasn’t fitness guru Shaun T.‘s ripped abs and bulging biceps that made us fall for him. It was his kind heart and positive attitude. It’s impossible to frown around this free spirit, who just loves to have fun.

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Former NBA star Jay Williams impressed us with his abilities to turn a negative into a positive — recovering from a near-death injury and becoming a commentator on ESPN. We gave him props for his bravery, strong will, sexy smile and soft eyes.

17 of 20 Anthony Ragland Photo www.anthonyraglandphoto.com

And who could find a sweeter guy than Harlem, NY native Walter Singleton? A tall, dark chocolate brother who believes in opening doors for a lady. That’s a good look for 2011, ladies.

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George Wilson was the most loved eye candy of 2010. His sweet, green eyes, soft, full lips and heart of gold won us over immediately.

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Remember that nerdy guy you turned down back in high school. This is what he turned into. Model Jarvis Powers just earned his Master’s degree in Computer Information Security. He hacked into our hearts back in November.

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Hunky NY Giants linebacker Gerris Wilkinson had us speechless when he stopped by ESSENCE.com for a photo shoot in October. We saved the pictures, posted them on Facebook and pinned them to our cubicles. Can you blame us? This brother is fine!