2009 Black Web Awards

2009 Black Web Awards
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 12, 2009

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“I get to spend my days interacting with fabulous people and giving people the info they want. Instead of going to school to learn how to work for someone, I’ve learned how to own and operate my own business. All while doing something I love. Hitting red carpet affairs and the uber fabulous events don’t hurt either,” Natasha Eubanks, creator of www.theYBF.com.

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“My definition of Bitchie (with the I.E) is any person who is BOLD, FIERCE, INDEPENDENT, EDGY, TRENDSETTERS who are not afraid to take risks or afraid to be their own person. The conservative & weak need not apply,” Necole Jamean, creator of www.NecoleBitchie.com.

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“Being Fly is a state of mind. Although your over all attire does play a key roll in your Fly appearance-A fly Person is in tune with the world And we are. We keeps ourselves informed on everything from Current Events to Current Trends,” Rae Holliday and Gabe Williams creators of www.StuffFlypeopleLike.com.

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“I just go with the flow… I innovate, I never duplicate or imitate. Concrete Loop has many imitators and swagger jackers. I use them as motivation to step my game up even further,” Angel Laws creator and head contributor for www.ConcreteLoop.com.

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“StraightOuttaNYC is different from all the blogs out there in that it serves up the latest and juiciest gossip, news and entertainment tidbits with a load of attitude.
Its not your typical blog full of pictures and randomness, the commentary alone has given the site a voice like no other site, some call it “hating” but it’s not, if it’s the truth," Hollyhood Lexie Perez creator of www.Str8nyc.com.

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“In general, to post a blog, I’d say it takes 3-4 hours to write a post, edit it and then find images to compliment the copy. I actually try to have the whole week at least mapped out by the end of each weekend,” Anslem Samuel, creator of www.NakedWithSocksOn.com.

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“I blog because it’s my voice, pure and uncensored. My posts are inspired by me and my unique experiences—hip-hop, culture, the world, life. I’m a positive woman trying to build bridges, connect and educate people, on a mission to be the change that I wish to see in the world,” Starrene Rhett, creator of www.Gangstarrgirl.com.

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“Being a full time blogger was hard at times, but now I work for Russell Simmons, at Globalgrind.com I’ve met my favorite celebrities and my opinion is more respected across the Internet, and the women who read my site are an added benefit,” The Sexual Intellectual’ Xilla, creator of www.blogxilla.com.

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“We as women, are showing this is more than just men talking about their favorite rappers. Women are weighing in on music, life, sports, nightlife. We live it so why not blog it,” Karen Civil, creator of www.KarenCivil.com.

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“Our audience is comprised of an elite group of primarily young, African American women who are interested in the entertainment industry We give them all they are interested in, from the inside of the most exclusive events in the entertainment industry to the hottest fashions, and celebrity news,” creators of www.AllThatsFab.com. Aura Harewood and Martine Cauthen.

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“I began blogging as a hobby on several social networks and gained popularity and a loyal fan-base there. A friend of mine gave me a grand idea of starting my own blog, and it was the best decision I’ve made. Love it,” Melissa Augustine, creator of www.missxpose.com.

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“For us it’s less about black or white, rap or rock as it is about what’s relevant and what’s not,” founders of www.TheLifeFiles.com, Javid Louis and JD Anderson.

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“My blog is very personal to me and represents my life. It gives my audience a sneak peak behind the scenes of the recording industry from the business side to the social sideas seen through my eyes,” Bryan-Michael Cox, creator of http://firstofdecember.wordpress.com/

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“The focal point at www.YouHeardThatNew.com is to expose my users to new and exclusive music. I’m not there to gossip- that’s not my lane. I’m not there to do album reviews- plenty of other sites supply those. I’m particularly there to post music that you won’t hear on the radio or see on TV until 3 months later. Its sort of like being an A&R/Tastemaker for a record label. Only difference is, I’m doing it for the people and not for a check every 2 weeks,” Nile Ivey creator of www.Youheardtheatnew.com.

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“Young African Americans are using blogs as a voice to express issues that traditional and syndicated news sources would under cover or not cover at all. With the
creation of media and advertising networks it is definitely possible for a business minded blogger to become a media mogul,” EL Johnson, creator of www.mogulmonologues.com.

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August marks the 4th annual Weblogs Awards, honoring great Black blogs. Check out the faces behind some of your favorite titillating gossip, fashion, and new music, and entertainment hubs.


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