2008 Celebrity Fashion Hit or Miss

2008 Celebrity Fashion Hit or Miss
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 08, 2008

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A throwback to the 1980’s, Ashanti goes for vintage glam wearing high-waisted spandex pants, purple belt combined with a spotted lace bow top. Sporting too many trendy statement pieces at once can make for a busy outfit. When wearing accessories, sometimes less is more.

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Sometimes not everything gold looks good. The very talented Vivica A. Fox is a red-carpet risk taker, going for high-impact dresses and jewels. Never shy about showing off her figure, our favorite foxy lady flashes back to the days of Studio 64 with this glittery minidress.

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Sure she kept her gear tight during most of the season, and we must admit her shoe game is ridiculous, but her fashion line’s debut for She by Sheree was such a flop that we’re now second-guessing her innate stylish skills. It’s easy to be a label fiend when you’re spending someone else’s money, but true trendsetters always have a fabulous look regardless of their bank accounts.

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We dig her no-nonsense personality, but NeNe left a little to be desired in the “polished” department. What was her strong aversion to bras anyway? Whatever it is, her upper half received quite a bit of attention (even CNN’s Anderson Cooper took note), but the look often gave us a vibe of hottie rather than housewife. Her wigs were typically too wiggy, but we have to confess we were feeling the Rihanna-esque do she rocked for the show’s reunion episode.

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Known on Bravo’s reality show as a HOTlanta “Housewive”, Lisa Wu- Hartwell, appeared on camera to be the most calm and balanced of the group and this was reflected in her personal style as well. This house wife stayed real and kept clear of the drama and we fell in love with her personality and fashions too. Going for bling on her ring we adored the pieces from her East Meets West jewelry collection. How do you stack-up this house wife’s style, no muse or too much fuse?

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For the life of us we can’t understand why this aspiring country singer can’t find a good hairstylist in Atlanta. Besides the questionable weaves, her unapologetic chain-smoking in the presence of her young daughters was far from what we expect from a southern belle. Kim’s acrylic nails circa 1995 were not exactly socialite-ready either. Let’s hope her budding music career leads her to better fashion choices in the future.

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As the “good girl” of the crew, DeShawn kept her image pretty low-key. While concentrating on being an active philanthropist, doting mother and loving wife, she spent little time on perfecting her own style. We suggest she invest in a personal shopper to help define her own signature look. We know there’s more fashion flair hidden under that nondescript exterior.

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Pretty is as pretty does. The old adage is still true and definitely applies to the overnight stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Their constant flaunting of wealth: excessive jewelry, name-dropping and bad wigs (sans Lisa) often left us scratching our heads. While these five ladies certainly brought high diva drama to cable television this fall, at moments their shenanigans were at an all-time low. Lesson learned: money truly can’t buy style.

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Eve stepped out with a wide gold sequined belt this kimono wrap. Simple is always chic when mixing themed accessories, so we wonder how this outfit would fare had she chosen tights rather gray denim.


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