Know When To Go! 16 Signs He’s Holding You Back

The biggest mistake a woman can make in a relationship is staying in a bad one too long.

Charli Penn Mar, 02, 2016

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The biggest mistake a woman can make in a relationship is staying in a bad one too long. Not all relationships are worth holding on to, especially those that keep you from moving forward and living your best life. If one of these things applies to your current relationship, it’s time to leave it in the past.

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If the only person regularly contributing to your joint savings is you, then he’s already proving he’s not ready to be a team player. You should both be invested in your future.

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If he can’t celebrate your victories because he doesn’t have any of his own to share, then he’ll never be able to root for you when you need him most.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but he should still prefer to spend the most quality time with you. Remember: A boy needs his boys and a man needs his woman.

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When you have good news or positivity to share and the first thing out of his mouth is usually more negative than positive, he’s a hater, and not a true partner. Case closed.

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A man who cheats usually does so because he doesn’t appreciate or value the woman he’s cheating on. Why waste another second being devoted to someone who can’t be loyal?

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You should never feel like your man’s mom. If you find yourself lecturing him and nurturing him more than just loving him, it’s time to find someone who’s mature enough to be one part of a team.

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This should absolutely never, ever, ever happen. If it is, it’s time to put an end to this madness today. He should be his happiest when you both are.

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A man with a long list of personal demands is most likely far from ready to co-pilot through life and love with you. Just say no to high maintenance men.

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If his mom always knows best, and your opinion holds less weight than hers, you have a problem.

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You can’t plan for the future together if you’re both painting two different big pictures. If your goals aren’t aligned now, then when will they be?

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If you’ve treated him to dinner more times than he has treated you to anything, being with this man could wind up costing you a lot more than your heart. Love should be 50/50 and he should want to spoil you too.

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If you can’t work on a brighter future because he’s stuck reliving the darkest days of your past, it’s time to pose an ultimatum: Let go or leave

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A healthy relationship is about growth and moving forward. If he’s stuck on repeat, then he may never get there. Do you really want to wait and see?

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When the guy you’re with is waving a lot of red flags, usually those closest to you both can see them too. If your best friends and closest family members have repeatedly told you that they think you can do better, it may be time to consider their advice.

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When the first thought you have after a heated argument or disagreement is “why am I here?”, it’s about time you answered your own question and moved on.

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An incomplete person cannot be one half of a whole couple. If he’s not loving himself, how can he learn the right way to love you?

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The moment we walk away from a toxic relationship can feel unbelievable freeing. Tell us about the time you ended things to take care of yourself and how you knew it was the right time to go.