21 Outspoken Black Celebrities Who Always Speak Their Minds

Yolanda Sangweni Jul, 22, 2015

Celebrities are becoming more and more vocal on social media, making their opinions and voices heard on a variety of topics. While some often speak their mind and cause controversy, there are others who speak out about issues important to women and the black community. Good or bad, here are some of the most outspoken celebs in Hollywood.

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Rapper Remy Ma never has a problem rapping or speaking about what's really on her mind. Whether defending her rep or keeping it real on reality TV, Ms. Ma speaks her truth. Most recently the outspoken rapper released a diss track directed toward fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj called "SHEther" that set the Internet on fire.

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Minaj has built a whole career around being outspoken, particularly about the (mis)treatment of women in the entertainment industry. Most recently, her name has been in people's mouths after she called out the whitewashing of the MTV Video Music Awards. "If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year," she tweeted in a series of messages. "When the 'other' girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture they get that nomination. If I was a different 'kind' of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well."

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Since the release of Selma, director Ava DuVernay has not been one to shy around touchy subjects. She has been outspoken in race matters as well as diversifying Hollywood. Just last weekend, she said the key to bringing more people of color to Tinseltown was to "follow the White guys." 

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We totally get why Raven was just named the newest co-host of The View. Though sometimes controversial, the former Cosby Show star's, umm, colorful opinions on things like Bill Cosby and racial identities always gets people talking.

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Primetime's frontrunner didn't get to her status by sitting back and taking punches! The Scandal creator isn't afraid to put ignorance on blast, speaking out on everything from bringing Black characters to television to homophobia. If you want some good tea, follow Shonda on Twitter.

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Solange will not let the media dictate any stories about her! She was quick to shut down the rumors following her infamous elevator scuffle with her brother-in-law, Jay Z, and in 2013, she took a commendable stance on music bloggers who don't truly understand the complexities that is R&B. Yaaas, honey.

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Speaking her mind is comparable to breathing with Azealia—it's her body's natural reaction. The rapper is quick to call out anyone who deigns to criticize her or anything that she disagrees with. The rapper has beefed with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Iggy Azealia to A$AP Rocky... but sometimes, she has a point!

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Whether parlaying celeb gossip, scandals or politics, Wendy Williams is everyone’s go-to-girl for "real talk." Shoot, her upcoming "Sit Down Tour... Too Real For Stand-Up" centers around her no-holds-barred tone. Count on her to say the things you wish you could.

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Whole essays have been written about her unshaven legs and unconventional ways, but Mo’Nique won’t budge, always proclaiming to us all that she is who she is. She made headlines earlier this year when she claimed that Hollywood blackballed her following her success in Precious, and she came after Lee Daniels, saying that he denied her a role on Empire. Take it or leave it.

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To some she is brash, to others she is the queen of keeping it real. The youngest of the Braxton clan says she has to be outspoken or else no one will listen to her. Between her public feud with K. Michelle and her recent criticism of Rihanna for being considered an R&B artist, we think she's coming in loud and clear! 

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Like her or not, Ms. NeNe “Tell it Like Is” Leakes doesn’t take any mess, honey. During her time on both Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Apprentice, this mouth of the South let everyone know her thoughts, even when no asked. We can't choose just one NeNe-ism. 

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Whoopi Goldberg is often so  passionate about her views. Tune in to The View and you’ll see why even the likes of Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly know better than to not have their facts straight when debating with Whoopi. We don't even want to get her started on the whole Bill Cosby scandal. 

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Tell ‘em how you really feel Kanye West! From saying "George Bush doesn’t care about Black" to interrupting Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards to his socially conscious verses, you can’t say Kanye is afraid of saying what’s on his mind.

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In his films and in real life, Spike Lee knows a thing or two about speaking his mind. In 2011, the famed director raised eyebrows when he declared that the the Oscar’s don’t matter.

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This “Good Girl Gone Bad” has given a few fans a tongue lashing via Twitter. Asked why she was following her ex Chris Brown, Rihanna tweeted, “It’s f--kin Twitter, not the alter! Calm down.” And that was only one of her many social media quips (remember when she was quick to clap back at fans who thought she was snorting cocaine in a video?). Clearly, a woman who isn’t afraid to speak up.

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When it comes to a celebrity speaking his mind, there is no greater than Muhammad Ali. “No Viet Cong ever called me n----r,” he declared after refusing to be enlisted for the Vietnam War. “Black, confident, cocky—my name not yours. My religion, not yours…Get used to me,” he said after changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali.

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You either love her or you loathe Basketball Wives star Tami Roman. Whichever side of the debate you’re on, there’s no denying this outspoken sister gets the last word, always. Just ask her co-stars.

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From relationships to politics, you can count on Tyrese to have something to say. He ruffled feathers in 2013 when he went on a rant about people who, according to him, were "fat by choice." ""If you are fat and nasty and you don't like the way you look, do something about it," he told AllHipHop. Ummm... 

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From The View to Celebrity Apprentice, Star Jones always spoke her mind. Don’t think this former prosecutor is going to let anything stop her from speaking her piece.

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As a singer, songwriter, pianist, and civil rights activist, Simone dared to speak her mind, even when it seemed like no one was listening. Shout out to Netflix's What Happened, Miss Simone? for showing us how fearless Nina was when it came to speaking her mind! 

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When it comes to speaking his mind, Prince gets an A+ for consistently sticking to his guns. In the 90s he famously changed his name “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” after a dispute with his record company.