19 Gorgeous Glasses That Are Perfect for Oval Faces

Whether you're wearing them out of neccessity or just for fashion's sake, here are a few gorgeous frames to compliment oval face shapes.

Virginia Lowman Mar, 02, 2016

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Whether you're wearing them for sport or out of necessity, glasses like makeup, need to compliment your face. We've picked out 21 drool-worthy frames that are perfect for oval face shapes, which is characterized by having a narrow forehead and chin, and high cheekbones. Luckily, oval face shapes are said to be the most diverse in that they can wear a multitude of styles that will look flattering.  Basically, if you have an oval face shape you can pretty much wear anything, but stay away from oversized frames.

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A classic frame that's so gorgous your makeup will take a backseat.

Chirsitan Dior Eyewear 'Very Dior 10' ($267, otticanet.com)

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Unisex, tortoise-shell frames for the fashionably studious.

See Eyewear  'See 9264' ($279, at seeeyewear.com)

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Modern frames with an old school feel.

Oren Isaac Eyewear, 'Jacques' frame ($98, at orenisaac.com)

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Ther perfect frame for that early morning business meeting and Sunday brunch with the girls.

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A classic black wayfarer frame is eternally chic.

Miu Miu 'MU 06OV frame' ($290, at lenscrafters.com)

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Clear frames are stylish enough to be noticable, but subtle enough not to over power the rest of your look.

Warby Parker  'Haksell' frame ($145, at warbyparker.com)

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A two-tone frame for the woman who doesn't want to look too corporate.

Oren Isaac Eyewear 'Chloe' Frame ($98, at orenisaac.com

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Whether they're prescription or not, red frames are always a must.

Oren Isaac Eyewear, 'Olga' frame ($98, at orenisaac.com)

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You child will be the purveryor of cool in these teal frames.

Picklez Collection, 'Bella' frame ($39.97, at aclens.com)

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Who needs a full frame when your glasses are this chic?

Miu Miu, 'MU 03OV Rasoir' frame ($340, at lenscrafters.com)

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Avant-garde frames for the stylish and sophisticated.

See Eyewear, 'See 8122' frame ($319, at seeeyewear.com)

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Textured frames for the woman with a little sass.

See Eyewear 'See 4440' ($319, at seeeyewear.com)

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The perfect marriage of corporate and sexy.

Versace 'VE3222B' frame ($230, at lenscrafters.com)

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Colorful frames for the artist in you.

Tory Burch 'TY 2060' frame ($206, at lenscrafters.com)

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Who needs eyeliner when your frames can pull double-duty? Beauty and eyewear all in one!

Bonlook Eyewear 'Darling Gold Onyx' frame ($99, at bonlook.com)

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These frames are the epitome of geek-chic—we're obsessed! 

Persol 'PO3128V' frame ($300, at lenscrafters.com)

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Brighten your gaze with champagne-hued frames.

Bonlook Eyewear 'Amaze' in Champagne ($99, at bonlook.com

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For the makeup minimalist, a colorful frame is a must. These cool blue frames are up to the task.

See Eyewear 'See 9441' frame ($319, at seeeyewear.com)

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These frames are so pretty they almost double as jewelry.

See Eyewear 'See 1225' frame ($399, at seeeyewear.com)