18 Things You Must Know About Him Before You Give Him Your Heart

It’s pop quiz time. Ask him these questions before you fall in love.

Charli Penn Mar, 07, 2016

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It’s pop quiz time. Ask him these questions before you fall in love and settle down.

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If buying a home, a car and a building a family together are your ultimate goal, you’re going to want to know what financial obstacles you’ll face together.

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When he needs to make it work, can he? What was the last financial problem he solved? Did he come through? Ask about obstacles he's faced in the past and how he overcame them.

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A man’s first introduction on how to treat a woman most often begins with his relationship with his mother and sisters. Find out how he treats them in order to understand how he will treat you.

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Thirty-eight percent of women earn more money than their spouses, and the number is steadily growing. You need to know now whether or not he can and will be okay with his girlfriend or wife being the breadwinner.

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Is he living a check-to-check lifestyle or has he learned how to put away a little money for a rainy day? The amount in the account isn’t nearly as important as whether or not he’s actually regularly putting money aside.

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Fears are real and we all have them. What are his? Failure? Love? Commitment? Fatherhood? Death? The key to understanding what makes a man tick is understanding what he fears (and values) most.

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Two people don't have to share a religion to be a perfect match, but they do need to share a spiritual core.

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There are all different sorts of motivators for success, such as money, family or love. Sometimes even negative experiences from his past can propel him forward to greatness. If he’s moving forward, that’s wonderful, but it’s important to know what fuels his drive.

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Is it fatherhood? Financial stability? Marriage? The strongest partnerships occur when a couple shares the same core values. What are his? Find out!

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We all have these too. Having insecurities aren’t an issue, but what they are and how handles them can be. Be on the lookout for the parts of him he’s not yet ready to accept.

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Whether he’s an entrepreneur, a corporate type or working hourly, you want a man who is working consistently to provide income to live on. If he has a history of being out of work more than he’s at work, you want to know about it now.

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Ask him what keeps him up at night and what he needs to feel fulfilled in life.

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Playing a role in each other’s dreams and ambitions is a key component to lasting love. Do his dreams leave a role or space for you? Ask him now.

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A drug or alcohol addiction may appear harmless when you’re dating, but it can pose tremendous problems in a relationship when two people settle down and try to build a life together—and often leads to painful splits, divorce and broken families. What may not be a deal-breaker for you now, could be later. Think about it.

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A person may force himself or herself to move on long before their heart is read to do so. Ask about his past heartbreaks and relationship struggles and whether or not they have been truly resolved.

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Is he looking for a strong confident woman? A great cook? Someone who’s great with kids? Does it bother him when a woman is very independent or talkative? Make sure that his idea of the perfect woman is you, just as you want him to match your idea of the perfect man.

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Get tested. Share the results. Case closed. Sharing your HIV/AIDS and STD status isn’t optional when you’re considering love and intimacy.

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Be weary of falling for a man who doesn’t have the same definition of “happily ever after” that you do. Ask him if and when he wants to tie the knot or be a dad.