18 Sexy Photos Of Dwayne Johnson Shirtless (You're Welcome!)

Nobody looks better sans shirt than San Andreas star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Ladies, can you handle this heat today?

Charli Penn Mar, 24, 2015

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No woman can resist a shirtless photo of San Andreas star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (who just earned his highest opening weekend ever at the box office!), and quite frankly, who can blame them? We rounded up his steamiest shirtless shares ever. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Be it by land or by sea, Mr. Johnson can come visit us any time. (Wink!)

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The Rock shares hobbies, hot shots and more regularly on his Instagram feed.

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Heaven, help us! We would recognize those signature washboard abs anywhere.

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Whether he's giving side-eye or not, we're all about watching The Rock do his thing. And, admit it, you are too!

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God bless America! We salute you cutie. (Wink!)

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Johnson's inner beast comes out whenever he hits the gym for his super workout sessions. Fitness sure does a body good.

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The Rock's body is a work of art. (Pun intended.)

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Even in a silly selfie, The Rock brings his sexy A-game.

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Now this is what we call an oldie but a goodie. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking, ladies?

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There isn't a day that goes by that this man isn't spending some time in the gym. Who doesn't appreciate when a man is beautiful both inside and out? Winning!

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The Rock is the king of flexing photos. Someone please pass him the crown and bow down.

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Aww! The Rock made millions of fans melt when he posted this photo on Instagram. Could he be the sweetest heartthrob around?

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Click that like button if you grew up watching WWF with your brothers and cousins just to get a glimpse of all of this hunky perfection. (Go ahead, do it. You know you're as guilty as we are.)

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The Rock is our bald and beautiful bae for life. #thatisall

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Remember that time The Rock totally rocked his Saturday Night Live hosting gig? Well, he's about to do it again with an upcoming appearance this Saturday.

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Johnson likes to channel his inner warrior from time-to-time.

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Are you a card-holding member of The Rock's ultimate fan club? Tell us why he makes your day below.