17 Ways to Make Your Valentine's Day Rock

Don't let the commercials and Hallmark aisles fool you. Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for lovers, it's a day devoted to celebrating all forms of love. We rounded up some amazing ways to celebrate. (Whether you're making plans with yourself or someone else!)

Charli Penn Feb, 07, 2014

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Single and lovin' it? Married? Dating? Crushin' on someone at work? It doesn't matter. Enjoy the day your way with one of these inspired ideas.

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Group dates take all the pressure off dating. This is especially true when you and your girls team up for a casual night out with three guys none of you have ever met before who are also in the mood for some unexpected fun. Sound interesting? That's exactly the kind of Valentine's Day evening popular online social club Grouper promises you'll have. "Hallmark holidays are for your parents," says site creator Challen Hodson-Grouper. "This Valentine's Day can be one of the most fun nights of the year to go out, if you do it right. Grab two friends and get connected to three new people for a fun night of adventure. There's no pressure with Grouper, so you can leave the chocolate and flowers at home."

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Calling all social media junkies! Are you looking to send a little love to someone who's as obsessed with Instagram as you are? That's easy. Shira Lazar, tech and pop culture guru and host of the award-winning online daily news program What’s Trending suggests you send them a Lovestagram. Visit the site for free and login using your Instagram account to get started. Once you select which user you love, the site creates a free 9-photo digital Valentine card made up of your best IG moments together. #Aww

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Strippers? That's so 2006. Picture this girlfriends moment instead: You're hosting a ladies only Valentine's Day party at your place, and when your guests walk in they can't believe their eyes. The bartender, the chef and the entertainment are some of the sexiest men they've ever laid eyes on. Suddenly "just another girls night" turns into the "best party ever." Introducing Rent a Gent. The company offers women a chance to rent the services of sexy "gents" for their parties and special events. They promise to send over only the finest, most intelligent and sophisticated fellas around -- sexy outfits included! -- and they'll help with anything you ask, from cleaning and cooking to bar tending and singing karaoke. Um, where do we sign up?

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You don't need a bartender's license to mix up a cocktail that will instantly spice up a cozy night in. This Valentine's Day, bring the bar to you and indulge in an intimate night of signature cocktails and new movies beside a warm fireplace. To get this (private!) party started, we recommend you grab a bottle of Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa and head to the kitchen -- the rest of what you'll need is already there. Our favorite cocktail is called XO XO. Ingredients: 2 oz Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, 3 oz hot coffee, whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. Yum, yum, yum!

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Game night with the girls just got fun again. Landing Mr. Right is a new board game designed just for single ladies that's sure to turn a typical ladies' night into an unforgettable evening filled with hilarious tales of dates gone wrong and endless wine glass refills. Remember how much you loved playing LIFE as a kid? Well, consider this "real" life. (Wink!)

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Spending the evening home alone? Not a problem, insists tech and pop culture guru Shira Lazar. Go to bed early and when you get there, she recommends you open up the ultimate treat to yourself: Say hello to Vibease, the "world's first wearable smart vibrator." Sync with your iPhone or Android phone and control speed, pressure and more while you you listen to a fantasy story of your choice. Now that's savvy and sexy.

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Wedding planners get all of the glory, but there's another group of people who have a hand in creating magical memories for lovers—date concierge professionals. Think of them as date whisperers. You know, personal assistants hired by those in search of an amazing and romantic evening but have zero time (or energy) to plan it. We're huge fans of New York based company Couples Consolidated, the brainchild of date planner Brenndon Knox. Purchase a "Flirt" package online, answer a few questions about your budget and interests and then let him do all the work. You just have to get dressed and show up. How easy is that?

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Want to beat the winter blues for Valentine's Day? Use popular travel sites like CheapCaribbean.com and TravelZoo to find a last-minute beach getaway for two. If you're willing to go, like, tomorrow, you'll find incredible deals on some outstanding hotspots. (And, maybe even an all-inclusive package if you're lucky.) What are you waiting on? Start searching!

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Valentine's Day not really your thing? That's cool, it's not for everyone. No matter what city you call home, there's always someone, or some club, throwing an "anti-Valentine's Day" party just for folks like you. (Here's a hint, some promoters like to call them "Cupid Sucks" parties!) Go dance like no one's watching and indulge in a few cocktails. We won't judge!

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It's time to revisit all those Pinterest boards you've been obsessing over for months. That one called Sweet Treats is a great place to start. (Wink!) Fill your kitchen with the delicious smell of baked goods and your belly with all those sweets you usually feel way too guilty to eat. You'll probably have extras, so be sure to wrap them up in festive tins and bring them to work to share the love. Need a little inspiration? Take a peek at one of our favorite boards!

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We're all still counting calories and visiting the gym with the hope of staying true to those pesky New Year's resolutions. (Yes, we see you nodding along.) What if we told you that you could hang out with your sweeties (the girls!) on Valentine's Day night and still hold tight to your will power? Grab a bottle of SkinnyGirl Bare Naked Vodka and mix up a round of Strawberry Sweethearts. (Ingredients: Pour 2 parts Skinnygirl™ Bare Naked Vodka and 2 large muddled strawberries over ice and top with a splash of club soda. Garnish with basil and enjoy.)

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You're the shining the star of your life, but how often does the spotlight shine directly on you? Our guess is, not nearly enough. That changes this Valentine's Day. Call up a local photographer today and book a 30-minute shoot starring you and only you. Boudoir or portrait, the style won't matter, as long as the camera is pointed at you.

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When was the last time you sat down and made something other than dinner from scratch? Feels like forever, right? (Yeah, us too.) Skip those pricey cards, release your inner crafty side and find it in your heart to make all your valentines at home this year. It's an extra special touch for that very special someone. Plus, you'll save a little money too! #winning

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Getting a last minute spa appointment on Valentine's Day can be a challenge, but bringing the relaxation home with you is not. Stop by the market and pick up fresh flowers (or visit BloomNation -- "the Etsy of Flowers"), slide into a tub filled with bubbles and your favorite fragrance and just relax. If you really want to unwind, we recommend bringing one more thing into the tub with you: the Crave Duet. Dual motors and dual tips mean twice the fun for you (and him). If you're not flying solo, be sure there's room for two in there because you're gonna need it.

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Music sets the mood, always. With Jam Fusion™ Wireless Stereo Headphones, you can share romantic playlists with your valentine right from your smartphones. Red and black color options make the perfect his and hers Valentine's Day gifts and what better way to stay close, in sync and connected? Rock on!

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We're all about self-love, in all its forms. Be your own best-lover-ever this Valentine's day with a hot new pleasure product that has everyone talking. Introducing the Afterglow, a new vibrator that merges high-end, luxury design with revolutionary technology, utilizing red, blue and UV light waves, known through clinical trials to stimulate blood flow, relax muscles and lower the risk of bacterial growth. It promises to deliver unparalleled pleasure and more intense and more frequent orgasms too. Sounds like a great night in to us. No?

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You don't have to be madly in love with someone to want them to feel special on Valentine's Day. In fact, you dont have to have any romantic feelings for them at all. Kids, co-workers and even that cute barista at your local coffee shop, often make the best no-fuss valentines. Go share the love and find your next valentine before someone else gets there first.


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