17 Times Denise Vasi and Baby Lennox Were Too Cute For Words

The moment model and actress Denise Vasi brought baby Lennox Mae Mandler into the world, her Instagram went from fierce to adorbs.

Imani Brammer Oct, 25, 2015

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Look at those eyes! Vasi captioned this image,"Twinzies," and she's absolutely right!  

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"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are grey You never know, dear, how much I love you I'm so grateful for Lennox Mae Happy 6 Months, Princess! You are, by far my greatest accomplishment! Everything I am and everything I will be has been and always will be for you. Mama loves you!!! #LennoxMaeMandler #celebratinglife #mommylife." 

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This is how you serve face while your baby cozies into your bosom. Yes Vasi! #CatnapsOnFleek

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Vasi looks stunning and graceful while holding baby Lennox. Her caption reads,"En estas calles... Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic #LennoxMaeMandler." 

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Here, the model takes her baby to the Dominican Republic as they both soak in their cultural history. 

"Giving Lennox Mae a little history lesson on part of her ancestry. Monasterio de San Francisco was the 1st monastery in America and is one of most important ruins in Santo Domingo. #LennoxMaeMandler," she said on Instagram.

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If this isn't the most adorable "mommy and me" photo ever, then we don't know what is! Vasi's caption read, "me & my mini #LennoxMaeMandler" 

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Vasi and baby Lennox soak up the rays. She captioned: "my beach is better #LennoxMaeMandler." 

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A silhouette photo by the beach is never a bad idea! 

"Te veo, Mexico Thanks for the beautiful memories. #LennoxMaeMandler," Vasi said.

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#VasiSoGolden #SlayMama

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Kisses from mommy!

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"Best part about Fridays are Lennox Mae's swim lessons. She's going to be a better swimmer than her Mama, I'm so proud! #LennoxMaeMandler #infantswim #casamandler," Vasi wrote on Instagram.

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Our first September Issue together Just me, Lennox Mae, & Bey #fallfashion #theseptemberissue #Vogue #LennoxMaeMandler," Vasi wrote.

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"Sometimes you have to breastfeed in Church, the Lord don't mind #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingmama #Mommylife #LennoxMaeMandler," Vasi said. Her hashtags are giving us life! 

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Vasi captioned this image, "Quick dip with The Princess before dinner #heatwave #casamandler #LennoxMaeMandler." Who knew that a "quick dip" could look so glamorous! 

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A family that plays together, stays together. How sweet is this perfect little family?! 

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"Making our way thru all the best baby shoppes in San Fran," Vasi wrote on Instagram."Our first stop was @naturalresourcessf "Natural Resources." They had an extensive selection of real wood American & European made toys and tons of non-toxic baby gear/supplies. They also serve as a pregnancy, birth and early parenthood resource center with great developmental & support classes. With all the hidden toxins in baby products (clothing, toys & even feeding supplies) stores like this one really excite me #nontoxiclife #sanfrancisco #LennoxMaeMandler."

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"Yummmmm!! Someone's a champion eater #igetitfrommymama #babyfood #mommylife #LennoxMaeMandler," Vasi captioned.