17 Reasons Why Oprah Is Just Like Us

Oprah—she's just like us! The media mogul has built her career on being candid about her struggles with her weight, her guilty pleasures (remember Oprah's Favorite Things?), her near nervous breakdown, and her love of all things Idris Elba. But nothing has made her feel more "normal" quite like her social media feed where she constantly posts about her life away from the spotlight. Here we count the 17 ways Oprah proves she's just a normal gal.

Yolanda Sangweni Sep, 30, 2013

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Oprah's social media feed is peppered with photos of her looking relaxed, hair undone, makeup-free and wearing sweats. We get the feeling the media mogul would live in sweats or yoga pants if she could.

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We don't blame you, Oprah. Not. At. All

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Ah yes, a watermelon margarita after a late night at the office is just what we need Oprah.

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She was there when girls from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership School needed to get some back-to-school shopping done at Target.

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…the doctor doesn't come to her. Like, shouldn't a billionairess get house calls from a doctor? Good to know Oprah schleps to the doctor's office like the rest of us.

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If it's a hot new gadget, you can bet Oprah's got it. Here, she gushes over her new pair of Beats by Dre wireless headphones.

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Who knew the queen of media had a green thumb? Whether picking artichokes, peaches, tomatoes or blackberries, Oprah loves being in her garden.

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Whether preparing Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas brunch, Oprah's Instagram feed has taught us that the queen of media loves cooking for friends and family.

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One thing we all know about Oprah is that she loves to have fun. Here, she celebrates the success of The Butler by hula hooping in her yard.

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...And doesn't care what you think because it's all about the avocados and figs from her garden.

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Oprah. Makes. Her. Own. Doggie. Treats. From scratch?

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A notorious puppy lover, Oprah has five dogs—two golden retrievers, two springer spaniels and a cocker spaniel—she absoultely spoils.

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Granted, Ms. O isn't exactly navigating a city block with her pups—she's on her massive property. Still, we love seeing her do something as normal as walking her own dogs in the rain.

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When the media mogul couldn't decide on a dress for her sit down with Beyonce, she asked her followers to help her decide. They helped her decide on the purple.

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Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

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Whether hanging with Diddy, Kanye or Mick Jagger, Oprah is a total fan when she meets people she admires.

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Oprah has joined the collective chorus of Lupita love.