17 Movies and TV Shows That Gave Black Women Major #LifeGoals

We're looking back at the shows and films that made you life, cry, fall in love, and most importantly, take notes.

Charli Penn Feb, 22, 2016

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#RelationshipGoal: Have instant sparks and an unforgettable romance with a romantic, sensitive, smooth Darius Lovehall-type brother, even if the ending is bittersweet.

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#RelationshipGoal: Find happily ever after with the boy next door. (Literally!)

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#SquadGoal: Live your best single life while rooming with your girls and pursuing your big city dreams.

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#LifeGoal: Be your own boss like Khadijah James, who owned and ran Flavor Magazine.

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#RelationshipGoal: Realize that your best guy friend is actually the best guy for you, just like Syd did.

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#RelationshipGoal: Meet your future husband in college and take your love all the way.

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#RelationshipGoal: Live in a gorgeous home fit for a queen with your king by your side and have lots of beautiful, well-mannered little ones by your side.

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#RelationshipGoal: Unapologetically indulge in a romance to feed your soul and uplift your spirit.

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#SquadGoal: Make like-minded friends who share your passion for life, art, wine and intelligent conversation.

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#LifeGoal: Be a boss chick (like Shanté Smith) who wins at work and at home.

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#SquadGoal: Build a squad of great lifetime girlfriends from your ride-or-die college besties clique.

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#SquadGoal: Fill your circle of trust with great friends and great couples who hold you down, no matter what.

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#RelationshipGoal: Attract a man who loves you for being unapologetically you.

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#RelationshipGoal: Find a ride-or-die soul mate to share life with like, Martin and Gina.

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#SquadGoal: Have an epic and unforgettable Las Vegas bachelorette party with the girls.

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#SquadGoal: Couple besties, anyone?

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#RelationshipGoal: Meet a man who wants to make you his queen. (Kingdom not included.)

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#SquadGoal: Have a circle of friends who know how to dish out just the right balance of tough love and sisterly love.

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#LifeGoal: Know when to say “enough is enough” and let go of the relationships that are holding you back.

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#SquadGoal: Make friends who become the kind of sisters who uplift you when life knocks you down.

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#RelationshipGoal: Marry your high school sweetheart, like Maya did.


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