16 YouTube Personalities We Love

Reality TV isn't the only medium creating overnight stars. Thanks to YouTube we've got a whole new crop of dynamic (and funny) personalities to follow. Whether they're opining on pop culture or showcasing their musical talent, we can't get enough of their sass, comedy chops and moxie. Take a look at the YouTube personalities who keep us entertained.

Issa Rae

This "Awkward Black Girl" has moved on up from her successful YouTube channel with close to 122,400 subscribers, to a role as co-host of the upcoming daytime talk show, Exhale. Subscribe here.

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Todrick Hall

There's nothing like taking a step into Toddy's World. His unexpected randomness keeps us wanting to see what he'll come up with next. Subscribe here.

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With more than 1,500,000 subscribers, it's clear that we're not the only ones who can't get enough of GloZell's big personality. Subscribe here

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Van Jess

These sisters can add us to their list of almost 247,000 fans for their fiery and soulful YouTube covers. Subscribe here.

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Chloe and Halle Bailey

The silky voiced sisters have singing voices far beyond their years. Barely teenagers, the adorable pair already brag over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. Subscribe here.

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Iman Crossman aka "AlphaCat"

AlphaCat is the master of Obama impersonations and the king of YouTube spoofs. With close to 500,000 page subscribers, we're clearly not the only ones who love this YouTube funny man. Subscribe here.

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Black Nerd Comedy

This YouTuber proves that nerds have more fun. With over 20,000 subscribers his quirkiness definitely works to his advantage. Subscribe here.

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We love the soulful sound of this trio. With close to 5,000 subscribers, the ladies are some of our favorite up-and-coming YouTube stars. Subscribe here.

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Cameron J

With well over 32,000 subscribers, it's clear that we're not the only ones who love Cameron J's creative two-man act. Subscribe here.

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Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson

Funny is an understatement when it comes to these brothers, who have more than 754,800 YouTube subscribers. Subscribe here.

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Tangela Ekhoof

We love that Tangela is as big of a Scandal stan as we are. This rising YouTube star has over 3,000 subscribers. Subscribe here.

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Funky Dineva

From his epic commentary to his fierce red lip and laid hair,  what's not to love about Funky Dineva? We're sure his 62,400 subscribers would agree. Subscribe here.

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J. Smooth

Clever meets funny when it comes to J. Smooth and we're all about the witty YouTuber who boasts 31,000 subscribers. Subscribe here.

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We love the many faces of this YouTube star. Subscribe here.

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EriAm Sisters

Each with their own individual sound and swag, we love that this young and fresh group stand out amongst the rest. Their almost 6,800,000 subscribers prove that we're not the only fans of these talented sisters. Subscribe here.

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The Skorpion Show

Kevin and Makael aren't afraid to keep it real in their YouTube sit-downs. The hilarious pair share 100,000 subscribers. Subscribe here.

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