16 Ways to Bring Idris Elba Home With You Tonight

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and spoil your Idris-Elba loving heart.

Charli Penn Feb, 11, 2016

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Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and spoil your Idris-Elba loving heart with one of these finds.

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Make room in your bed immediately for this buzzy new Idris Elba's Body Double 2-Sided Body Pillow, $69, IZZY & LIV

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We've loved this mug since the moment we laid eyes on it. What else is there to say? Hurry and and get yours from Tees In the Trap here.

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We're totally here for this Idris Elba Charcoal poster. Find it over here on Etsy and hang it on whatever wall is worthy.

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Finally a pillow worthy of your couch. Find it here.

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Keep Idris close at all times with this custom Luther phone case. Hello, is it us you're looking for? Apple users, find one here.

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Anyone up for a run? We're wearing this tee from Activate Apparel.

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Well...if you really, really want to show your love and devotion than this I Heart Idris Elba thong might do the trick. (Just don't let bae see.) Find a pair here.

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Cardboard cutout Idris wants to come over for dinner. Wait...slow down, don't fall. He won't be there for at least an hour. Yes, you can actually buy this here.

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What this shirt said...Find it here.

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Do you suddenly feel inspired to head to the kitchen and whip a little something up? We do. Find this apron here.

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We won't ask what you need this mask for, but we do hear that it's a big seller on Amazon. Find it here.

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The perfect addition for the gallery wall in your home. Find this lovely oil based painting here.

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"Idris" Mixed Media Illustration, $10, Etsy

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Giant Luther Banner, 34.99, Etsy.com

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We can't deny, this one's pretty wild, but we couldn't leave it off the list. Idris Elba Centaur pillow anyone? Find it here.